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Science Lab Teacher Trainer

Project description

The Ministry of Education in Liberia has requested the support of Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRVs) to serve as Science Lab Teacher Trainers. The country’s universities are far from producing a sufficient number of qualified high school teachers for subjects such as math, chemistry, physics, and biology. As private sector companies re-enter Liberia and look to build trained workforces with engineering and industrial agricultural skills, the education system is hard-pressed to produce high school graduates to successfully fill these roles. To assist in this area, the Liberian government and the Ministry of Education have requested support on math and science education.

The PCRVs will work with Peace Corps staff and technical trainers to continue to update and make improvements to existing resources while at the same time supporting other interested institutions in meeting their need for trained science lab demonstrators and efficiency science lab programs. The PCRVs will also co-organize and facilitate training sessions for science teachers, support lab managers with the development and organization of resources in existing science laboratories in schools, and support the development of guide/manual to assist teachers to properly manage laboratories and conduct instruction for students therein.

Candidates selected for this position will be arriving in Liberia together as a group, so while the departure dates for the whole group could change, dates cannot be changed for individual candidates.

Required skills

• Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Chemistry/Physics
• 3 years’ classroom teaching experience
• 2 years’ science lab training/teaching in low resource environment

Living conditions

Learn more about the Volunteer experience in Liberia: Get detailed information on culture, communications, housing, and health/crime statistics in order to make a well-informed decision about serving.

Medical considerations

Before you apply, please review medical clearance and legal clearance to learn about the process.

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