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Literacy Teacher Trainer

Project description

Ricks Institute in Liberia has requested the support of Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRVs) to serve as Literacy Teacher Trainers. Ricks Institute is a faith and learning community that is committed to developing students through the integration of spiritual, intellectual, technological, physical, emotional, cultural and social dimensions of learning. Ever since the Liberian civil war, the institution has been set back severely. In academic year 2007-2008, Ricks Institute restarted both the boarding school and the day school, and in 2010, the school reopened its elementary boys dormitory. The school attracts students from all over Liberia and beyond; however, there are still major needs in staff capacity and mentorship as well as helping students meet prescribed academic benchmarks.

The PCRVs will co-teach lower grades phonics and literacy emphasizing integrating literacy through the school day and co-develop and co-implement a participatory inventory and analysis of Liberia’s literacy instruction programs for primary and middle grades. The PCRVs will also provide teacher training and after-school literacy activities. The overall goal of this assignment is to support the institute to provide valuable educational opportunities for young African students and become a self-sustaining institution in the years to come.

Candidates selected for this position will be arriving in Liberia together as a group, so while the departure dates for the whole group could change, dates cannot be changed for individual candidates.

Required skills

• Bachelor’s degree in Education OR any bachelor’s degree with at least two years of experience as an early grades teacher in a low-resource context
• 2-5 years’ experience teaching
• Experience in teaching ESOL and/or literacy
• High tolerance for ambiguity and high level of flexibility

Living conditions

Learn more about the Volunteer experience in Liberia: Get detailed information on culture, communications, housing, and health/crime statistics in order to make a well-informed decision about serving.

Medical considerations

Before you apply, please review medical clearance and legal clearance to learn about the process.

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