Strategic Campus Recruiters

Colleges and universities are strategic recruitment partners for the Peace Corps.

More than 50 colleges and universities have partnered with the Peace Corps to hire strategic campus recruiters, who encourage students and community members to consider becoming Peace Corps Volunteers.

Who are strategic campus recruiters?

Strategic campus recruiters, also known as strats or campus recruiters, are returned Peace Corps Volunteers and part-time university employees. Oftentimes, strategic campus recruiters are students themselves, who are pursuing graduate or doctorate degrees. Many schools find success pairing the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program with the Strategic Campus Recruiters program.

Campus recruiters are hired by university staff with approval by the Peace Corps Regional Recruitment Office. Campus recruiters work directly for a university employee or department in coordination with the Peace Corps to implement a campus-wide recruitment strategy.

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Why hire strategic campus recruiters?

Strategic campus recruiters are resources for students interested in making a difference in the Peace Corps, working abroad, and gaining international experience. Being directly connected to the campus and engaged in university communities gives them the insight needed to identify and connect with students seeking international or service-based opportunities.

How do you become a part of the program?

View our frequently asked questions [PDF] for details about the process of bringing a strategic campus recruiter to campus. Additional inquires can be directed to the regional recruitment office in your area or by emailing [email protected]

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Each recruiter brings their personal experience and enthusiasm for the Peace Corps to students who may have dreamed of international service and to those who may never have considered it. While any student can visit, it is often more compelling to hear the Peace Corps stories firsthand. The recruiters also introduce the educational and career opportunities that can blossom from the Peace Corps experience.

Georgia Ehlers, Director, Fellowships and Community Engagement (Graduate College at The University of Arizona)