Graduate School of Public Health at University of Pittsburgh

Why you should consider this program

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers eager to continue community service while in the U.S. will feel at home at The University of Pittsburgh. Like RPCVs, Pitt has a rich history of making a positive impact on its surrounding communities, and it’s striving to strengthen the institutional culture of service. RPCVs would play an integral part in achieving this goal!

The Graduate School of Public Health has much to offer RPCVs interested in building upon the skills and knowledge gained through their Peace Corps service. Not only will Coverdell Fellows learn multidisciplinary public health skills in the classroom, but they’ll also gain public health practice with one of our partner organizations and serve underserved communities in the greater Pittsburgh area. We recognize RPCVs experiences in the field as an asset in the classroom, and look forward to having such experiences provide context to classroom concepts and contribute to the learning of others. In addition to these opportunities, Fellows receive a 25 percent tuition remission scholarship for up to four academic terms of study.

University of Pittsburgh Coverdell Fellows will experience the advantages of living in an up and coming city like Pittsburgh including affordable living, various cultural events, a growing restaurant scene, and more! The Graduate School of Public Health hopes to partner with Coverdell Fellows for years to come to improve the health and well-being of our local communities.

Benefits for Coverdell Fellows

Tuition/fees for Complete Program Value of Coverdell Fellowship Net cost *
In state $ 40,479 $ 10,120 $ 30,359
Out of state $ 66,363 $ 16,591 $ 49,772
* Net cost is equal to tuition/fees minus fellowship value. For some universities, the fellowship value includes non-tuition/fee benefits such as health insurance or housing—see the first point below for more details.

Where the cost savings value of the Coverdell Fellowship comes from

The Fellowship is coming from the Graduate School of Public Health in the form of tuition remission.To qualify for the Coverdell Fellowship students must be enrolled full-time in one of the MPH programs. The financial information above is for the 16 months/3 term program. For more information for the 20 Months/4 term program, please visit our website.

Fellowships awarded per year (average)

Up to 8 new Fellowships per academic year.

Other benefits or opportunities

Coverdell Fellows are welcome to apply to other forms of financial aid, including university, school, and department aid. Learn more here.

Annual cost of living (estimated)

$ 25,000

Application fee waived?



Coverdell Fellows will complete at least 200 practicum hours at an organization that serves local disadvantaged communities. Pitt Public Health will provide guidance in finding suitable organizations to work with. While practicum requirements vary between departments, common areas to engage in include harm reduction housing, healthcare access, HIV/AIDS, health literacy, food access, and data analysis.

Jobs for program alumni

The following Master of Public Health graduates have specialized in either behavioral and community health sciences, epidemiology, health policy and management, or infectious diseases:

  • Public Health Analyst, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Project Officer, Pennsylvania Department of Health
  • Management & Program Analyst, U.S. Department of Education
  • Product Development Manager, National Committee of Quality Assurance
  • Program Manager, Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • PREP Data Manager, Georgia Division of Families and Children
  • PHI/CDC Global Health Fellow, CDC, Divisions of Global HIV and TB
  • Policy Manager, The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care
  • Program and Policy Analyst, Nemours
  • Epidemiologist, CDC Miami Quarantine Station
  • International Agricultural Program Specialist, USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service
  • HIV Educator, Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education Training Center
  • International Relations Analyst, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Data Manager, Yale University, School of Medicine

Other details

Program length

20 Months/4 terms. 16 Months/3 terms for some programs with an accelerated option.

Application requirements

Application requirements vary by departments. For more information about department-specific requirements visit here.

Generally, the Graduate School of Public Health requires:

  • SOPHAS Online application
  • 6 college credits in behavioral and social sciences with “C” or better
  • 3 college credits of algebra or statistical reasoning with “C” or better

No school application fee is required. The third party application website, SOPHAS, charges a fee, and applicants have the option to apply for a waiver, click here.

To start an application online go to:

Admissions process

Applicants are required to submit an application to their MPH program of choice via SOPHAS: Applicants must also indicate RPCV status by checking the box in the “Additional Experiences” section of the application to be considered for the Coverdell Fellowship. The admission process is two-fold:

  1. Departments will review applications for admission to their MPH program based on their admission criteria, and nominate eligible accepted applicants to the Coverdell Fellows program. All nominees will be contacted by the Coverdell Coordinator and asked to provide (1) a copy of the official Peace Corps Description of Service, and (2) an essay describing their career goals, how the program will help them achieve those goals, and how they might apply the skills developed during the Peace Corps service to their academic study and future public health practice.
  2. Nominated accepted applicants will be reviewed by a committee, and final awardees will be selected and notified.

Program begins

End of August

Non-traditional options

Year Coverdell Fellows partnership started



Meredith Mavero, Manager of Student Programs, Center for Global Health

University of Pittsburgh/Center for Global Health
A310 Crabtree Hall/130 DeSoto St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261