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Why you should consider this program

Fellows enrolled at the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be in courses designed to prepare candidates to work effectively with students with diverse learning needs. You will then apply this knowledge base and your Peace Corps experiences in internships, field experiences, and practica designed to provide you with hands-on experiences in the local schools and communities. Fellows will help their assigned underserved schools and centers achieve their goals through sharing real-world experiences, providing motivation for their students to succeed, and enriching student activities with global perspectives by infusing country of service knowledge and experiences.

Benefits for Coverdell Fellows

Tuition/fees for Complete Program Value of Coverdell Fellowship Net cost *
In state $ 13,307 $ 0
Out of state $ 42,985 $ 29,678 $ 13,307
* Net cost is equal to tuition/fees minus fellowship value. For some universities, the fellowship value includes non-tuition/fee benefits such as health insurance or housing—see the first point below for more details.

Where the cost savings value of the Coverdell Fellowship comes from

Students accepted to the UCF Peace Corps Fellows program will pay in-state tuition and fees, regardless of their state residence before their Peace Corps service. This special tuition program applies for the duration of the non-resident Peace Corps Fellow's graduate study at UCF.

Fellowships awarded per year (average)

All RPCVs accepted into the College of Arts and Humanities are eligible for in-state tuition. Fellows are eligible to apply for and hold Graduate Assistantships that may be available through their College and Department. However, only up to 2 Peace Corps Assistantships may be awarded per year.

Other benefits or opportunities

Benefits include the application fee waiver, dollar amount or percentage of tuition remission, value of scholarships/grants, graduate assistantships, and a paid internship. Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grants are federally funded grants--up to $4,000 per year to a maximum of $8,000 for a two-year masters program--for students seeking the MAT or MED in high need areas (Mathematics Education, Science Education, Exceptional Education, K-8 Math/Science, or Reading Education). Additional partial tuition waivers may also be available for RPCV Fellows accepted into the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy for Mathematics and Science.

Annual cost of living (estimated)

$ 15,890

Application fee waived?



Fellows enrolled in initial teacher certification programs have a required 6 credit hour internship and will be assigned to an appropriate underserved school, full-time internship for one semester. Fellows holding teacher certification and enrolled in our MED programs will be placed in underserved UCF partner schools early in their program. Fellows may also be placed as research partners with existing students and will include assignment to classrooms one to two days per week. Culminating experiences in many of the masters' programs--practica, capstones, administrative internships, and clinical experiences--are built into the graduation requirements of each degree program, offering students research, collaboration, and professional experience opportunities.

Jobs for program alumni

We are currently following-up with our recent graduates to determine where they landed after earning their master's degrees at UCF. More to come!

Other details

Program length

2 to 3 years depending on the program selected.

Application requirements

Admission to all graduate programs requires an earned bachelors degree from a regionally accredited institution. The minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA required is a 3.0. A second GPA may be calculated to meet this minimum admission standard by using the last 60 hours of a students undergraduate program. Admission to all initial teacher certification programs requires either a competitive GRE score or passing results on the Florida GKT (General Knowledge Test); admission to some of the MS and MED programs requires a competitive GRE score, goal statement, and/or references; and admission to a Counselor Education program requires the GRE and an interview with faculty. Please be sure to check directly with your program area for specific admission requirements.

Admissions process

All applicants should complete an online Graduate Application, Residency Form, and Health History Record by going to the following web site: and clicking on APPLY ONLINE in the top right hand corner of the page. Your application will be processed by the university once you have hit the SUBMIT button and included the upload of your DOS (Description of Service) document, which will confirm the $30 application fee waiver. Admission recommendations are made throughout the year on completed application files.

Program begins

Early January for spring semester, early May for summer semester, and late August for fall semester.

Non-traditional options

  • Low residency or distance learning

All of our graduate courses are offered in the evenings, with roughly 10-15% of the courses offered in an online format. At UCF, Coverdell fellows may be enrolled on either a part-time or full-time basis (except those students on approved assistantships, who must be enrolled full-time).

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