School of Public Health at Loma Linda University

Why you should consider this program

Practicum and volunteer experiences can be completed in a wide variety of settings, both locally and internationally. We work with you to determine your interests and assist in matching you with a suitable organization using our internal network of NGOs, hospitals, and clinic systems around the world. Our goal is to ensure when you graduate, you are confident in the knowledge you have gained, have practiced your skills, and are thoroughly prepared for the complexity of the world of Public Health.

LLUSPH has a heart for service, promoting wholeness for our students and community. We provide opportunities to learn, not only in the classroom, but also in our immediate and global communities. The Loma Linda University Global Health Institute through Adventist Health International manages a healthcare network. This network has provided LLUSPH with a wealth of knowledge and experience in clinics, centers and hospitals all over the world.  Interdisciplinary opportunities are available working on local and international projects with our school and the University’s 7 other clinically-focused schools.

The School of Public Health offers 8 specialized programs: Healthcare Administration, Global Health, Nutrition, Health Policy and Leadership, Epidemiology, Health Education, Lifestyle Management, and Population Medicine. As a CEPH accredited school, academic integrity is ensured. Through our Public Health Core you will apply concepts in interdisciplinary scenarios

Benefits for Coverdell Fellows

Tuition/fees for Complete Program Value of Coverdell Fellowship Net cost *
In state $ 62,231 $ 3,200 $ 59,031
Out of state $ 62,231 $ 3,200 $ 59,031
* Net cost is equal to tuition/fees minus fellowship value. For some universities, the fellowship value includes non-tuition/fee benefits such as health insurance or housing—see the first point below for more details.

Where the cost savings value of the Coverdell Fellowship comes from

The entire cost of the practicum is covered through accepting the Peace Corps experience toward the practicum requirement, by waived units and/ or covered required practicum units.

Fellowships awarded per year (average)


Other benefits or opportunities

Other benefits would verity according to the program of interest. Please contact the SPH Admissions Office [email protected] for specific details.  

Application fee waived?



The School of Public Health is highly involved in working with the underserved populations within the southern California region, from migrant workers in the Coachella Valley to the communities in San Bernardino. The fellow will be accepted to work with the University Fellowship coordinator and professors who are engaged in community projects to choose a community focus project that aligns with the chosen program of study. This will provide leadership opportunities and more experience specific to their area of focus.

Some leadership volunteering experience in the local community is required to participate in the Coverdell Fellowship. Six units of the program’s practicum course is waived and the final 2 units are financially covered by the school. During the two required units, the student submits a paper reflecting on the Peace Corps experience, in particular, the parts relating to the program of study. The student will also participate in a school poster presentation. 

Jobs for program alumni

Our MPH graduate reported employment rate is 86%.  Of the employed MPH graduates, 81.9% indicated that they secured their job as a result of their program of study at LLU SPH. For the MPH Global Health graduates, 84% indicated that they secured their job as a result of their program of study at LLU SPH.

Other details

Program length

Masters programs are scheduled, if taken full time, as 2 year programs (7 quarters/ 21 months), Doctoral programs are scheduled, as 3-5 year programs (12-20 quarters)

Application requirements

Each program has slightly different in requirements. The follow is example is given for Global Health as the majority of students returning have chosen this program. Please contact the SPH Admissions Office [email protected] for specific details on other programs.

  • A baccalaureate degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited institution, with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or above. 
  • Satisfactory performance in the Graduate Record Examination (G.R.E.) or equivalent; scores must have been attained within the last five years. Other scores are acceptable. Please contact the admissions office for details. 
  • Applicant may be interviewed by program directors and/or faculty.

Program begins

Late September. Depending on program of interest there are rolling admission options, which varies by program as to additional quarters a student can start. Please contact our school for more details.

Non-traditional options

The fellowship is open to students applying for the traditional MPH program. 

Year Coverdell Fellows partnership started



Sharilyn Andersen, Practicum Director

School of Public Health
24951 North Circle Drive, Nichol Hall 1519
Loma Linda, California 92350