Contact Country Desk Officers by Email

Please find your country-specific email below that you can use to communicate with desk officers regarding options for returning to service.

CountryEmail address
Albania[email protected]
Armenia[email protected]
Belize[email protected]
Benin[email protected]
Botswana[email protected]
Cambodia[email protected]
Cameroon[email protected]
Colombia[email protected]
Comoros[email protected]
Costa Rica[email protected]
Dominican Republic[email protected]
Eastern Caribbean[email protected]
Ecuador[email protected]
Eswatini[email protected]
Ethiopia[email protected]
Fiji[email protected]
Gambia, The[email protected]
Georgia[email protected]
Ghana[email protected]
Guatemala[email protected]
Guinea[email protected]
Guyana[email protected]
Indonesia[email protected]
Jamaica[email protected]
Kosovo[email protected]
Kyrgyz Republic[email protected]
Lesotho[email protected]
Liberia[email protected]
Madagascar[email protected]
Malawi[email protected]
Mexico[email protected]
Moldova[email protected]
Mongolia[email protected]
Montenegro[email protected]
Morocco[email protected]
Mozambique[email protected]
Namibia[email protected]
Nepal[email protected]
North Macedonia[email protected]
Panama[email protected]
Paraguay[email protected]
Peru[email protected]
Philippines[email protected]
Rwanda[email protected]
Samoa[email protected]
Senegal[email protected]
Sierra Leone[email protected]
South Africa[email protected]
Sri Lanka[email protected]
Tanzania[email protected]
Thailand[email protected]
Timor Leste[email protected]
Togo[email protected]
Tonga[email protected]
Uganda[email protected]
Ukraine[email protected]
Vanuatu[email protected]
Viet Nam[email protected]
Zambia[email protected]