Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Before You Apply

Peace Corps Response positions are open to returned Volunteers or U.S. citizens with significant professional and technical experience.

Project Description

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) is needed to serve as an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist at the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA) in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Eastern Caribbean. NPRBA was established to make provision for the preservation, protection, management and development of the natural, physical and ecological resources and the historical and cultural heritage of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The NPRBA seeks to protect the rich natural, cultural and historic heritage resources of the country by fully involving all relevant community groups and stakeholders in promoting and managing their use to optimize and sustain social and economic benefits now and in the future. The request for the Volunteer comes at a time when the NPRBA is seeking to make advancements in staff members’ awareness of policies and procedures that are in place to ensure their personal safety and security as well as for their property. The NPRBA realizes that effective health and safety programs have the potential to positively influence both employee morale and productivity. Presently there is no document that articulates standard safety rules and guidelines for the activities and programs the organization manages. The NPRBA seeks to develop such a document using documents from our stakeholders as exemplars.

An Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, with a degree and at least 3 years’ relevant professional experience, is needed to work closely with other local agencies and organizations to develop an overall Occupational Health and Safety Manual (OHSM) for the NPRBA. The PCRV will design an overall Occupational Health and Safety Manual; including: a complete list of general safety rules and guidelines; interviewing site staff and NPRBA employees; and, reviewing current incident reports. The PCRV will also train the NPRBA Management Team and other key technical officers in effective enforcement of and compliance with the OHSM, including creating a system to monitor and evaluate the programs. The goal of this assignment is to build the capacity of the NPRBA to ensure employees’ safety while performing their duties.

Please note these are approximate departure dates and may change due to programmatic needs.

Partner Information

National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA)

Required Skills

• Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to occupational health and safety
• At least three years’ experience in design and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Manuals
• Fluency in Microsoft Word or similar word processing software

The Peace Corps embraces and leverages the diversity of its volunteers as a reflection of America's diversity. Peace Corps Response is committed to reflecting the diversity of the United States in the professionals we send into the field to support the mission of world peace and friendship. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Medical Considerations in Eastern Caribbean

  • Eastern Caribbean may not be able to support Volunteers with the following medical conditions: ongoing counseling.
  • The following medication(s) are not permitted for legal or cultural reasons: none identified.
  • Volunteers who should avoid the following food(s) may not be able to serve: none identified.
  • After arrival in Eastern Caribbean, Peace Corps provides and applicants are required to have an annual flu shot and mandatory immunizations.

Before you apply, please also review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the clearance process and other health conditions that are difficult to accommodate in Peace Corps service.

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