Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Specialist

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Peace Corps Response positions are open to returned Volunteers or U.S. citizens with significant professional and technical experience.

Project Description

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) with advanced French proficiency and experience in data analysis and monitoring and evaluation is needed to assist the staff of SOS-Vita improve their monitoring and evaluation capabilities and create a database with credible and viable statistics about past and future projects. As Togo still has high rates of maternal and newborn mortality, SOS-Vita was founded with the goal of improving the health care provided to women during pregnancy and the birth process, and has taken a hands-on approach to improving the health, equality and opportunities of people in communities of the Plateaux Region of Togo. The scope of intervention of SOS-Vita now includes improved access to quality health care, self-sufficiency through income generating activities, prevention of HIV-AIDS and other STIs, and gender equality. This assignment aims to build capacity among the field staff of SOS-Vita, and especially the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, in M&E; tools, dissemination of information, and quantitative/qualitative data processing and analysis.

The PCRV will work with the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation and other field staff on the implementation of monitoring and evaluation tools and leveraging best practices of all pilot projects by SOS-Vita. The PCRV will also contribute to the implementation of a communication plan showing the findings from M&E; on access to quality health and dissemination of those results through social media, as well as the establishment of a viable field database of M&E; information collection, storage and exploitation. The main goal of the PCRV will be to apply his or her expertise in monitoring and evaluation to the establishment and implementation of a capacity building plan for the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation as well as the SOS-Vita field staff.

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Required Skills

• Bachelor’s degree in international relations, development studies, public health, gender studies or related field
• Experience working with monitoring and evaluation in a global development context
• Experience working on quantitative/ qualitative data processing and analysis
• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Ability to summarize analyzed results in written and oral form in a concise manner
• Comfortable conducting research and collecting data from local individuals in the field
• Minimum of advanced (oral and written) skills in French to conduct the work in French
• Experience in the use of Excel or other data software for creating data

The Peace Corps embraces and leverages the diversity of its volunteers as a reflection of America's diversity. Peace Corps Response is committed to reflecting the diversity of the United States in the professionals we send into the field to support the mission of world peace and friendship. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Medical Considerations in Togo

  • Togo may not be able to support Volunteers with the following medical conditions: asthma, including mild or childhood; cardiology; gastroenterology; some types of gynecologic support; insulin-dependent diabetes; requiring a psychiatrist for psychotropic medications support; seizure disorder; ongoing counseling.
  • The following medication(s) are not permitted for legal or cultural reasons:  none identified. 
  • Volunteers who should avoid the following food(s) may not be able to serve: gluten, lactose, and shellfish.
  • After arrival in Togo, Peace Corps provides and applicants are required to have an annual flu shot, to take daily or weekly medication to prevent malaria, and to receive mandatory immunizations.

Before you apply, please review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the clearance process and other health conditions that are difficult to accommodate in Peace Corps service.

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