Internationalization Development Expert

Project Description

Southern Leyte State University (SLSU) in the Philippines has requested the support of a Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) to work with with their External Linkages and International Affairs Offices. SLSU is strategically committed to the advancement and practice of agro-ecological, environmental, and industrial science-based theories and technologies through cutting-edge instruction, production, research and extension for people and nature. SLSU seeks to network and build strong partnerships with local, national, and international industries and academes, provide training and exchange programs for students and faculty to enhance their knowledge and skills, and actively participate in research and extension to help in the modernization of agricultural needs.

SLSU recognizes that the world is quickly globalizing and that there is a need to collaborate with international organizations in order to promote understanding and learning.
At present, the University has an Internationalization Team, tasked with developing and implementing a strategic plan to effectively and efficiently expand and sustain international partnerships with higher education institutions and to host national and international conventions/conferences that focus on many diverse subject areas. SLSU believes that knowledge sharing in this capacity will have a long-term impact on the empowerment of people and on societal benefit.

The PCRV will work with the staff of the SLSU Office of External Linkages and International Affairs and the Internationalization Team to further its relationships with national and international partners. The PCRV will review the current strategic plan that is in place, facilitate the participation of SLSU in international conferences and related activities, and help to develop a sustainable five year plan for SLSU internationalization. This assignment will assist SLSU through networking and international partnership development, the PCRV will conduct benchmarking activities that will help in creating best practices for the university. This Peace Corps Response assignment will help SLSU pursue their goal of internationalization to address common problems of people from different places to promote understanding of diverse cultures with the long term goal of fostering harmony between people and countries.

Please note that departure dates and other details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations. Candidates selected for this position will be arriving in the Philippines together as a group, so while the departure dates for the whole group could change, dates cannot be changed for individual candidates.

Partner Information

Southern Leyte State University (SLSU)

Required Skills

• High tolerance for ambiguity and high level of flexibility – some details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations
• Master’s Degree in International Relations or any related degree
• At least 2 years of experience in international relations
• Has track record of successful partnership development activities in international relations
• Skilled in the application of modern communications technology
• Demonstrated ability to live and work in a multi-cultural setting
• Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated flexibility

The Peace Corps embraces and leverages the diversity of its volunteers as a reflection of America's diversity. Peace Corps Response is committed to reflecting the diversity of the United States in the professionals we send into the field to support the mission of world peace and friendship. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Serving in Philippines

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Medical Considerations

Before you apply, please review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the medical clearance process.

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