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Peace Corps Response positions are open to returned Volunteers or U.S. citizens with significant professional and technical experience.

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Project Description

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer is needed to serve as an English & Leadership Coordinator for the Foundation for the Solidarity and Development of Panama (FUSODEP). FUSODEP is in the midst of initiating projects with the largest high school in Santiago. The long-term goal is to work with faculty at the school to start an entrepreneurship club that would eventually have participants integrate into the other projects the foundation does which cover entrepreneurship. In order to start this long-term project, the foundation is working with the student body to work on personal strengths and skills in the form of youth development workshops. Once students have covered these topics, then the high school and FUSODEP will phase into directly developing the entrepreneurship club and all that it entails. In the first phase of the project the goal was for staff to achieve a B1 fluency on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In this last phase, with the support of a PCRV, the goal is to provide English conversational classes to help them improve their conversational abilities are fluent enough to speak with ease when conducting work with foreigners; ideally staff would achieve a B2 fluency on the Common European Framework of Reference.

An English & Leadership Coordinator, fluent in Spanish and experienced in teaching English is needed to teach/train staff of FUSODEP. The PCRV will work to 1) Co-design and give English for business purposes courses to the office staff to improve comprehension and production of English; 2) Work in collaboration with staff to submit proposals for English teacher training seminars to the Ministry of Education in Spanish; 3) Assist in the expansion of youth leadership seminars with office staff; 4) Function as a teacher trainer & counterpart for local EFL teachers who give classes at FUSODEP. Additionally, the Volunteer will aid in the development of curriculum and materials. The goal of this assignment is for the Volunteer to have trained staff in various areas, and coordinate with others to organize and implement projects.

Please note that departure dates and other details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations. Candidates selected for this position will be arriving in Panama together as a group, so while the departure dates for the whole group could change, dates cannot be changed for individual candidates.

Partner Information

Foundation for the Solidarity and Development of Panama (FUSODEP)

Required Skills

• High tolerance for ambiguity and high level of flexibility – some details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations
• Master’s degree in applied linguistics, teaching English as a secondary language, or English with an emphasis in teaching non-native speakers
• Professional level Spanish is necessary to lead trainings and submit detailed written reports
• Successfully taught English as a Secondary language at various levels to a mixed population for at least 2 years
• Must have 3 years of experience conducting needs analysis, and subsequently developing programs and curriculum with the findings in the USA and abroad
• Must have at least 2 years of experience teaching English abroad to demonstrate the ability to be flexible, project driven, and require minimal supervision

The Peace Corps embraces and leverages the diversity of its volunteers as a reflection of America's diversity. Peace Corps Response is committed to reflecting the diversity of the United States in the professionals we send into the field to support the mission of world peace and friendship. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Serving in Panama

Learn more about the Volunteer experience in Panama: Get detailed information on culture, communications, housing, health, and safety -- including health and crime statistics -- in order to make a well-informed decision about serving.

Medical Considerations

Before you apply, please review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the medical clearance process.

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