Education Specialist for Teacher Training Institute

Project Description

Two Education Specialists with advanced-level French, a master’s degree in Education, TOEFL or any related field of study, and at least three years’ formal teaching experience at the secondary school or university level are needed to work with the English Department of the Higher Institute of Education and Sciences of Guinea (ISSEG). Since its opening in 1979, ISSEG has been training new and in-service Elementary and Secondary School Teachers, Education Advisors, Inspectors of Elementary and Secondary Education, Education Experts, Planners, and Administrators, but some of the main challenges are the lack of qualified trainers and the non-mastery of English by most of the teaching staff which in turn affects the quality of other training offered and limits research activities. ISSEG has requested two Peace Corps Response Volunteers (PCRV), who will work in parallel on training the teachers to improve their English and be able to deliver effective English classes.

The PCRV will be working with the teaching staff of ISSEG to train them in English and delivery of English lessons, and to improve the level of the teaching staff by developing and introducing good teaching strategies. The institution lacks expertise in the following specialties: examination and assessment plans, educational management and administration, and English courses for adults for both staff and student teachers. The PCRVs are also requested to teach specific courses with the classes of student teachers. Those courses may include American Studies, Research Methodology, Applied Linguistics, and others as needed. Part of the PCRVs’ work will also be to work with the institute’s staff to develop a better curriculum for English language studies. The overall goal is to develop and improve the quality of the teaching system of the institution.

Please note that departure dates and other details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations. Candidates selected for this position will be arriving in Guinea together as a group, so while the departure dates for the whole group could change, dates cannot be changed for individual candidates.

Partner Information

Institute Supérieur de Science et Education de Guinée (ISSEG)

Required Skills

• High tolerance for ambiguity and high level of flexibility – some details of this project could change because of the uncertainties as Peace Corps and local partners resume volunteer operations
• Master Degree in Education, TOEFL or any related field of study
• Advanced-level French required to understand the existing courses and to communicate effectively with trainers.
• Have at least 3 years’ experience in formal teaching in the classroom at the secondary school or university level
• Experience and achievement in successfully training trainers.
• Experience in designing training materials, developing training processes and to monitor and evaluate the training delivery and students.

The Peace Corps embraces and leverages the diversity of its volunteers as a reflection of America's diversity. Peace Corps Response is committed to reflecting the diversity of the United States in the professionals we send into the field to support the mission of world peace and friendship. Applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Serving in Guinea

Learn more about the Volunteer experience in Guinea: Get detailed information on culture, communications, housing, health, and safety -- including health and crime statistics -- in order to make a well-informed decision about serving.

Medical Considerations

Before you apply, please review Medical Information for Applicants to learn about the medical clearance process.

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