Insurance Through the Affordable Care Act

Signing up for health insurance

After completing service, Volunteers generally must enroll in an Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance plan within 60 days after they return to the U.S. to avoid a penalty. It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the law based on your specific situation.

Video: Closing service and obtaining health insurance

Visit the Internal Revenue Service website for Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax information.

Note: RPCV Short-term Health Insurance For Transition & Travel is an interim health insurance plan and is not ACA-compliant.

Peace Corps-provided short term transitional health insurance is designed to be an affordable worldwide medical coverage plan that includes emergency medevac insurance. This is a unique plan tailored to meet the diverse health and budget needs of returning Volunteers. 

Health insurance options

Where you get your ACA-compliant health insurance will depend upon your current situation after Close of Service from the Peace Corps.  Here are some common ways you might get insurance:

  • Individual insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. To find information about your state's health-care options, visit and click on Get Coverage.
  • Parent’s health insurance plan. Under the Affordable Care Act, you can stay on your parent’s health insurance policy until your 26th  birthday. 
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance, available through your job. 
  • Student health insurance. If you're a student, you may be eligible for insurance through your university. 
  • Medicaid. If you have no job or low income, you may be eligible for Medicaid. More information about this can also be found at
  • Medicare. If you turned 65 during your Peace Corps service and are now eligible for Medicare, visit to find more information and to sign up.

It is very important that you weigh your options for health care coverage (health insurance) following your Peace Corps service to ensure you choose a plan that will meet your needs. Don’t wait to sign up for health insurance!