Stories from Vanuatu

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Vanuatu.

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Sergio's Library Project - Launching

Indeed, a success story for Sergio and his community to have finally completed the Uripiv School Library. 

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Nasawa Dispensary, Maewo, Vanuatu

Washed-out clinic lighting, blown bulbs and flickering fluorescent tubes or none at all - does this sound familiar?

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PCV Emma and the President of Vanuatu

When Peace Corp volunteer Emma M was posted to Roromai Primary School in South East Ambrym, little did she know she was destined to make history for herself by being chosen to address the Head of State, Pastor Obed Moses Tallis on the eve of celebrating 28 years of US Peace Corps service in the country yesterday.

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Utilizing the USAID sponsored Small Project Assistance (SPA) funding and good old fashion fundraising made it possible for me and my counterpart to make a huge difference in the day-to-day lives of our community members. 

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Connie began her service as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in 2016. 

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Cricket, Vanuatu

Sports have always been a big part of how I interact with the world around me. 

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Professional and intercultural development in Peace Corps Response

I just completed my four-month assignment in the Peace Corps Response program in Port Vila, Vanuatu. 

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SMART Sistas Vanuatu

SMART Sistas is an innovative new camp that brings together ni-Vanuatu girls ages nine to 14 to attend sessions on everything from leadership skills and girls’ empowerment to technology for development.

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commute jordan

Peace Corps Volunteers trek through mountains, deserts, fields, rainforests and rivers to get to their service sites. Here’s what commuting looks like for 11 Volunteers and returned Volunteers around the world.

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