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Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Vanuatu.

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Port Narvin Primary School

The island of Erromango is blessed to have an awesome Peace Corps Volunteer like Frances who has worked so hard on her Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) project along with project chairperson Sarah Nabil.

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Mural on Lamap Maternity ward

Susan is a health volunteer serving at Lamap Health center on South Malekula. Susan has been at the health center for almost one and half years.

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Desalination plant

One of the biggest celebrations that ever took place on Uripiv island was during the launching of a Desalination Water project on September 14, 2018.

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IWG handing over donation to Peace Corps Volunteer and Director

This year Peace Corps Vanuatu has been recipients to a number of donations of brand new sewing machines, rolls of calico, threads and scissors from the International Women’s Group (IWG).

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Solar powered water pump

I (Belinda, Program Manger - Literacy Project) had a wonderful opportunity to visit Annalisa B. at, Nofo Junior Secondary School on Emae a few weeks ago. 

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Village men digging trench to lay water pipes

Aaron H. recently completed his SPA project which provided the Endu community with increased water storage capacity from 1 rain tank to 7 rain tanks of clean potable water for use when the water source runs dry or gets damaged during disasters. 

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Angela K is currently serving in South East Ambrym. Do not be deceived by Angela’s quiet demeanor – she has been a very productive and busy volunteer. 

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Adam S

Peace Corps Health Volunteer Adam S arrived on Siviri Village, North Efate, on July 3 2017. Shortly after his arrival, Adam realized that the people at Siviri were very open and like to laugh. 

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Resource Room

PCV Vanna K is currently serving at a school in South Santo. This year at her school, she began transforming an unused space into a resource room.

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