Kelly Cullen, Country Director
Fredlyn Kalulu, Programming and Training Specialist, Grants / Volunteer Support / Peace Corps Response
Judy J Williau, Safety and Security Manager
Rodney Philemon, IT Specialist / Sexual Assault Response Liaison
Suzanne M Kai, Executive Assistant / Volunteer Support / Sexual Assault Response Liaison
Kelleah Young, Director of Programming & Training
Marie Nickllum, Program Manager Community Health Project
Belinda Lewa, Program Manager Literacy Project
Solomon Jimmy, Training Manager
Lensay Tambe, Pre-Service Training Literacy Project
Excellent T Shing, Pre-Service Training Community Health Project
Michael Bule, Host Family Coordinator
David C Patunvanu, Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Coordinator
Mauricio Acosta, Medical Officer
Richard T Edwin, Financial Assistant
Raewin Duvu, Administrative Assistant
Happilyn Edmanley, Cashier
Selianne Kalsakau, Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Frank Kiri, General Services Assistant
Andrew Tonken, Maintenance Specialist
Leni Samual, Cleaning Specialist