Director's Welcome

Kelly Cullen
Kelly Cullen, Country Director, Peace Corps Vanuatu

Welcome to the wonderful world of Peace Corps Vanuatu!

The staff and Volunteers of Peace Corps/Vanuatu are excited to meet you and to introduce you to one of the happiest places in the world, per the Happy Planet Index.

Vanuatu is an amazing country, with incredible people and spectacular scenery. There is also a great need for Peace Corps Volunteers as the country continues to develop. The Peace Corps’ current focus is in Community Health and Vanuatu Literacy Project (LP).

Community Health Volunteers work with community-led health committees, Village Health Workers, and other health care providers at aid posts, dispensaries, and health centers in four provinces to strengthen Vanuatu’s health care system. With the Ministry of Health’s renewed emphasis on Primary Health Care, Volunteers are strategically placed to provide support for this initiative at the community level.

Literacy Project (LP) Volunteers have focused on building the capacity of students, teachers, and community members in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and English Literacy. With the knowledge and skills gained through this project, participants can make valuable contributions to the development of their communities and nation.

So, as you can see from our Peace Corps programs above, the mission in Vanuatu is about expanding people-to-people exchange, cultural understanding, and building strong partnerships through our communities and stakeholders.

The Peace Corps Vanuatu website and the Welcome Book provide a wealth of information on our operations, rules, and regulations, along with expectations for Volunteer service. Please take a thoughtful read through the materials, which include details on what it means to be a volunteer; a description of the Peace Corps program in Vanuatu; and background information on the history, culture, and government of Vanuatu. There is also a section on suggestions for what to pack that is very useful.

Peace Corps service will be full of new life-changing experiences, so please come with a humble heart, a good sense of humor, and a robust 24-hour/7-day commitment and, together as a Peace Corps family, we will aid you in the fulfillment of the mission and navigate the roller coaster of service.

With respect,

Kelly Cullen

Country Director