Real Perspectives

Peace Corps Volunteers come from different backgrounds and have different viewpoints, but they are united by one shared purpose: to build relationships with communities abroad through grassroots international development.

Each Volunteer uniquely represents the diverse nation that is the U.S., and each Volunteer writes their Peace Corps story. What will yours be? 

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Calder: Volunteer Life

Whether you live in a yurt or an apartment, a remote village in Sub-Saharan Africa or a crowded city in Eastern Europe – what does a typical day in the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer really look like? Explore Calder’s unique experience living in a village of 300 people in Burkina Faso.

Mariana and Blanca: Family and Friends

Sometimes the simplest action can trigger the biggest change in your world. As a child in Bolivia, Blanca learned her first English words from a Peace Corps Volunteer. Now she lives in the U.S and encouraged her daughter to join the Peace Corps to share her Bolivian-American culture as a Volunteer in Madagascar. See their perspectives and share yours.

Leslie: Community Life 

As a Volunteer, you will be faced with different challenges – sometimes even business challenges. From writing business plans to helping entrepreneurs become more efficient at work they are already experts in, you will not only bring something to the table, but learn from your counterparts as well.

Baktash: Building a Career

Peace Corps service can reveal entrepreneurial skills you never knew you had or help you gain the skills and experience your dream career requires. Discover how Baktash’s experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer led to his success after service.

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