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Peace Corps Volunteers know there’s a solution to any challenge – it just takes grit, commitment, and smarts to get there. When you don’t have a fridge, you build one. When you don’t have light, you make your own lantern.

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Charcoal Water Filter

This cool life hack requires just a few basic materials. You need two plastic bottles, a tactical knife, cloth towels, charcoal, grit sand, and gravel – and you’ve got yourself a charcoal water filter.

Clay Pot Fridge

In warm climates, keeping food cool can be an unforeseen challenge. Making a clay pot fridge is the perfect answer. You need two pots – one large, one small – duct tape, a hand shovel, sand, water, a lid for the small pot, and towels. 

Plastic Jug Lantern

Here’s an easy hack for when it’s dark and you need some light to read by. Place a headlamp strap around a jug filled with water, making sure the light points into the jug. The headlamp’s light will radiate through the room.

Soda Bottle Broom

When living abroad, keeping your space neat and clean may require some creative thinking. For this life hack, you’ll need a few soda bottles and a wooden stick.

Clay Pot Heater

What do you do when it’s cold outside and you can’t just turn up the heat? Learn how to build a clay pot heater and stay warm all winter long.

Solar Oven

Wood burning cook stoves can be hard on the environment. Heat up any dish with this quick and easy DIY solar oven. Some aluminum foil and a cardboard box will be enough to get you started.

Snack Saver

Make any bag airtight to keep food fresh and keep bugs out. All it takes is a bag and a plastic bottle.

Bug Trap

Rid your house of pesky bugs with this environmentally friendly hack. A soda bottle and a few kitchen staples are all it takes.

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