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It’s natural to have questions or concerns when considering spending two years in a foreign country. Get answers to your questions from current Volunteers. 

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Should I be concerned about my safety?

Wherever you are, it’s our priority to make sure you have the support you need to stay safe. You will receive extensive training on any safety protocols and will have Peace Corps safety and security coordinators on call 24/7.

What about access to healthcare?

We are always on call to answer any medical concerns while you are serving. If need be, we are prepared to transport you to a country that may better respond to your medical condition.

Do Volunteers receive training?

Before being assigned to your site, you will participate in a two- to three-month-long pre-service training where you will spend your days learning the language and acquiring technical, medical, and safety skills.

Am I going to miss home?

You will be busy adapting to a new culture, learning a language, meeting community members, and creating and executing primary and secondary projects every single day.

Will I be able to stay in touch with my friends and family when I’m abroad?

Did you know that around 90% of Peace Corps Volunteers have cellphones? Access to Internet, phones, or other devices is largely up to where you’re serving, but many Volunteers make the most out of Internet cafes and publicly available Wi-Fi to stay in touch. 

Will I have free time?

Depending on your projects, you might have a lot of free time. You can make the most out of your free time by reading, exercising, or taking on extra secondary projects based on your community’s needs and your passions.

Do I have to know a language fluently to serve?

Some countries require language skills, but most do not. You’ll have more than two years to become fluent in the language of your country.

What will my house be like?

Once you are assigned to your site, we will find you housing that meets our safety and suitability standards. You may be living with a roommate in a house, in a city apartment with a host family, or in a ger (yurt) by yourself – it all depends on your site.

What is music like in other countries?

Getting to know a culture is not just learning appropriate manners or traditions – it’s also learning to appreciate all the facets of life, including entertainment.

Will I be able to travel during my service?

You will receive 48 days of vacation over two years, along with U.S. and host country holidays, during which time you can travel outside of your site.

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