Director's Welcome

Peace Corps Uganda, Country Director
Sean Cantella, Country Director

I arrived in Uganda mid July 2016 after two decades of a very rewarding professional experience in West Africa where I first served as a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in Senegal (1993 - 1995). Working in various capacities, I was subsequently six years in Guinea (1999-2005), six years in Mali (2005-2011) and another six years in Ghana (2011-2016). During the period 2002 to 2016, I was Director of Management and Operations (2002-2007 in Guinea, then Mali) and later, Director of Programming and Training in Ghana (2013-2016). In between those Peace Corps assignments, I ran several USAID-funded public health projects in the water, sanitation and hygiene as part of social marketing.

My decision to return to Peace Corps in 2013 was borne out of a burning desire to be part of the growing team of Peace Corps staff that continues to pursue excellence in the provision of Volunteer Support. When a Peace Corps program is functioning well, the Volunteers are working with their host country counterparts to support their host nations's development. In exchange for their efforts, our Volunteers take home something that is more precious and valuable than what they contribute i.e. they return to America and promote a better understanding of Ugandans on the part of Americans. This experience lasts for the rest of their lives. Many US Ambassadors like to refer to Peace Corps Volunteers as community based or 'small A' ambassadors at the community level. Likewise, when we are doing our jobs well as a Peace Corps program, and giving our Volunteers a productive, trans formative, safe and enriching experience, they return home and become 'small a' Ambassadors for Uganda in America. That is my objective in leading the Peace Corps Uganda program for the coming years.

In modelling the values of respect, honesty, loyalty and commitment to the three Peace Corps Goals, we will seek to make Peace Corps Uganda an organization that delivers increasingly better support to all of the Volunteers. This will mean leveraging our strengths, addressing weaknesses and working together to make the experience of Volunteers memorable, impactful and mutually gratifying. Drawing from my own experience as a former Peace Corps Volunteer, my decades of service in Africa, and my passion and commitment to intercultural diversity and inclusion, I plan to lead the process of developing further the necessary competencies among staff and Volunteers to provide individualized support to all of our Volunteers in service.

Finally, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to this website. Thank you for showing interest in our work.

Sean Cantella
Country Director