Stories from Tonga

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Tonga.

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G80 arrives in Tonga, September 2015

Tonga Group 80 Volunteers gathered for two days at the end of July, 2017 for their “Close/Continuation of Service (COS) Conference” at a seaside resort on the main island of Tongatapu.   

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Peace Corps, Steppin' Lively
On July 4th, Volunteers joined Tongan staff and community members to celebrate two versions of a national holiday. Read More
Tongan boys with low-tech toys
Tonga Volunteers recently sent in their semi-annual Volunteer Report Forms. Read More
Cate and Kelsi on the Camino de Santiago

A friendship between returned Volunteer Cate (Togo 2005-07) and current Volunteer Kelsi (Tonga 2016-18) grew through letter writing and a shared love of art. The weekly exchange of letters has helped encourage Kelsi during her service.

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Cambodia water project

Around the globe, Peace Corps Volunteers work with local counterparts to design and implement safe, affordable and sustainable water and sanitation projects.

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Tonga Group 77 welcomes Group 78 (Sept. 2013)

Peace Corps/Tonga is now producing a series of short videos which tell who we are and what we do. 

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Since 2015, a team of Tonga Volunteers has been collaborating with Tongan agencies, artists, writers, and editors to create an innovative series of print materials for use by students, teachers, and other stakeholders like parents. Examples include: Read More
Putting the tank in place
At a time when changing weather patterns have brought drought conditions to island nation Tonga, a growing number of Peace Corps Volunteers are doing special projects to upgrade the water catchment systems their schools and communities rely on. Read More
Bilingual anti-rubbish sign
Group 80 Volunteer Alex is helping leaders and youth in his Vava’u village to develop a new and improved waste management system for their community. Read More
Participants in SolarSPELL training in Tonga
On December 12, 2016, 17 Tonga Volunteers received introductory training in the use of an innovative technology they will pilot in their schools and communities in the 2017 school year. Read More