Stories from Togo

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Togo.

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Camp Joie 15
“I am not ‘handicapped’, I am awesome.”
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Cate and Kelsi on the Camino de Santiago

A friendship between returned Volunteer Cate (Togo 2005-07) and current Volunteer Kelsi (Tonga 2016-18) grew through letter writing and a shared love of art. The weekly exchange of letters has helped encourage Kelsi during her service.

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Jenn Clowers and Jane Moore visit a women's artisan co-op in Niger.

Jane Moore and Jennifer Clowers share a bond beyond that of mother and daughter. They both committed themselves to Peace Corps service—with about four decades in between.

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Life After Loss

Societies all over the world “can force a jarring new identity on a woman whose husband has died: pariah, exile, nuisance, martyr, prey”

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Making a difference every day: Alpha Phi Alpha leads to Peace Corps service in Togo

Kyree Rollins has often been the first to accomplish things in his life.

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As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), the idea of holding a Peace Corps Day at my school sounded very appealing.

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Emily Lagasse and Fenway

A lot of people ask me if the Peace Corps changed me. I like to tell people that it didn't change me, it just made me more of myself, with added confidence. The Peace Corps presented me with challenges that in order to overcome I needed the courage to be true to myself. 

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Acting Director puts her stamp on Togolese entrepreneurship

Who enters Peace Corps thinking they’ll emerge a leader in entrepreneurship? 

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VIDEO: Stomping out malaria goes local

Volunteers are making a difference for people in host communities by working across Africa to prevent malaria, educate and support people who are afflicted or at risk. 

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