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Director's Welcome

Mauren Cunningham
Maureen Cunningham / Peace Corps Togo Country Director

On behalf of the whole team, welcome to Peace Corps Togo!

If you are a Volunteer or former Volunteer, thank you for your service! If you are considering volunteering in Togo, we will be thrilled to have you join us in a country where Volunteers are contributing meaningfully to the development efforts of their host communities while at the same time making lifelong friends and connections that enrich their lives. As a former Volunteer posted just a few hours from where I currently live and work, I know the power and importance of this last point! Through social media and visits, my family and I remain very close to the amazing friends established when I was a Volunteer. I'm excited for you to embark on this journey and discover the transformative power of service.

If you don’t know a lot about Togo, you are not alone! This small country is relatively unknown in the US, but it has a lot to offer. Sometimes referred to as “West Africa in miniature”, the dozens of ethnic groups, languages, and landscapes are fascinating and accessible. In Togo you have the opportunity to know traditional fishing communities in the south, herders in the Kara region, and agricultural communities throughout. Togo’s quickly growing cities offer another fascinating aspect of the cultural landscape. Connect on Instagram or Facebook for some images and posts from around Togo.

Peace Corps Togo is a good choice if you are interested in professional development. We have great instructors, and Volunteers appreciate that they are learning French and other languages, skills that serve them professionally and personally. Many professionals learned their French as Volunteers, and you will too. If you already speak it, you will have the chance to enhance your knowledge and also learn a local language. You’ll gain invaluable experience working in an intercultural space, skills that are in high demand in our ever-changing world. And through our tailored training program, you'll gain essential skills in areas like climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture, teaching English, behavior change communication, health promotion, or gender empowerment, supported by our dedicated staff and fellow Volunteers. From application to service, we're committed to ensuring you have the resources and knowledge needed to make a meaningful impact in Togo. Explore our projects for meaningful community engagement.

The Peace Corps’ mission is to promote World Peace and Friendship. A lofty purpose which is as relevant today as it was when the Peace Corps was founded. It is the mission that motivated me to become a Peace Corps Volunteer, and that motivates me to serve now as a staff member. If you are interested in joining the challenging, fulfilling, and life-changing experience that is Peace Corps, you can apply here. And if you would like to learn more about serving in Togo, reach out to us at [email protected].

Mi Lay Do! (“We are together” in Ewe, one of Togo’s many languages)

Maureen Cunningham

Peace Corps Togo Country Director