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Director's Welcome

Kelleah Young
Country Director Kelleah Young

Greetings from Peace Corps The Gambia

The Gambia has a long and rich history with the United States and with Peace Corps. As you may know, the Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy with the purpose of promoting world peace and friendship. The Republic of the Gambia and its people are widely considered to be naturally peaceful and friendly.

Peace Corps came to The Gambia in 1967. Since the start almost 2000 Volunteers have served the people of The Gambia. Volunteers serve in our primary sectors of Agriculture, Education, and Health. Peace Corps Response Volunteers also serve in our primary sectors as well as Youth Development.

Over the years Volunteers have worked in some of the most remote parts for the country serving in all 6 of our Regions; Greater Banjul, West Coast, Lower River, North Bank, Central River and Upper River. All of our trainees undertake an intensive 8 to 10-week program that provides language training, technical instruction, and cross-cultural information that is critical for integration and adjustment. This pre-service training (PST) is considered the most intense period of a Volunteer's service. Volunteers learn one of the most widely spoken languages in The Gambia to enhance their ability to successfully integrate in to their communities. These languages include: Mandinka, Puular, Wolof, Jola and Sarahule. Volunteers partner with Gambians to accomplish community establish goals and aspirations seeking to make a tremendous impact at the grassroots level.

The Gambia is a unique country that offers a combination of rich culture, friendly people, and close personal relationships. From the day volunteers arrive in-country, they are immersed in the dynamic, complicated, supportive culture of West Africa and The Gambia. Over the course of two years, Volunteers discover, try, and achieve things in an environment that offers a unique independence that may only be realized, or appreciated, upon return to the United States. Many Volunteers in The Gambia find their experience to be life changing, profound and rewarding.

Peace Corps The Gambia participated in the global evacuation of all Peace Corps Volunteers in March 2020. And we were very excited to welcome Education Volunteers in June 2022 and Agriculture/Health Volunteers in October 2022. Peace Corps The Gambia is back! We continue to work safely and effectively in this new endemic environment. Our mitigating measures for dealing with the global impacts COVID-19 are strong. We are working side by side with our Gambian counterparts to make sure we address relevant development issues in our communities. We hope you will join us impact lives for the better.

Sincerity from the Smiling Coast of West Africa,

Kelleah Young
Country Director, The Gambia