Stories from Tanzania

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Tanzania.

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Chris Biles

Volunteer Agriculture Extension Officer Chris Biles partnered with her community to use wells, rainwater catchment and drip irrigation technology to support home gardens for better nutrition in the village of Isitu.

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Brain & Joel 3

From a student of Peace Corps to an employee of Peace Corps, what are the odds?

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Bao haliishi (mancala)

Bao is a mancala game played in East Africa, and I made a set as my first major woodworking project upon my return from Tanzania.

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PermaGarden members rinsed sweet potato leaves.

I started off my service as a math teacher. With the support of the Peace Corps’ Small Project Assistance fund, I worked with my community and created the PermaGarden Project, which made it possible to add more nutrition to student meals. 

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The Maua Mazuri girls graduating with district officials and all!

Usawa means equality in Swahili.

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Nathan Chaput, Nepal

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you'll likely have the chance to learn a new language during service — and you never know where that will lead you.

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7 current openings where you can serve with your sweetheart

Serving in the Peace Corps alongside your partner or spouse can have advantages

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Tanzania Library Build

In 2005, I arrived at my site in Tanzania ready to change the world. 

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Passion for global health brings couple to Tanzania

Olivia had just finished working in Kenya and Jason had just returned from India when they met as juniors in college where she was studying nursing and he was preparing for medical school. 

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Emily Hoppes Menstrual Hygiene Day

As an education Volunteer in Tanzania (2012-15), I grew very close to some of the girls at my school.

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