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Michaela Varone Indonesia
By Michaela Varone
Aug. 26, 2016

One of the many things that I've come to embrace about my new life in Indonesia are the simple serendipities happening to me on a daily basis.

Playing volleyball in Indonesia
Playing volleyball in Indonesia

Days like today make me laugh and take a step back to think about how different every aspect of my life is after joining the Peace Corps. 

Upon returning home from teaching classes and holding extracurricular activities, I was given a shirt and told, "Ayo! Kita main voli." ("Let's go! We're playing volleyball.") I spent the next few hours participating (to the best of my ability) in a village-organized volleyball tournament run by all of my neighbors. 

If someone had asked me as a freshman in college where I thought I'd be after graduation, never in a million years would my answer be, "I'll be playing volleyball in Indonesia." 

And now, I couldn't be happier that it is.

Michaela Varone Indonesia

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