Peace Corps Vanuatu supports students at Global Robotics Challenge

By Peace Corps
Oct. 24, 2023

Peace Corps Vanuatu staff served as mentors to five ni-Vanuatu youth and supported their participation into the Global Robotics Challenge held in Singapore from October 6-10.

The Global Robotics Challenge was organized by FIRST Global, a United States-based nonprofit organization that is committed to inspiring science, technology, and innovation in young people from all nations and increasing understanding and cooperation. One high school team from every nation is invited to participate in the annual event.

Vanuatu's participation in the event was organized through Peace Corps Vanuatu's Smart SISTAS committee. Peace Corps staff supported the application process for the Vanuatu delegation, helped the students fundraise to cover their travel expenses, and provided space in the Peace Corps office so the students could assemble their functioning robot. Peace Corps staff also served as chaperones during the trip to Singapore.

The Vanuatu team participated in a total of 10 matches during the conference and placed 118th out of 191 countries. In addition to competing, participants also attended presentations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Yale University on STEM programs at U.S. universities and scholarship opportunities.

The Global Robotics Challenge is a remarkable event designed to use STEM as a platform to bring nations together to work towards solutions for climate change and economic, social and health issues. The delegation’s participation in the event illustrates the positive impact the Peace Corps Smart SISTAS program is making in Vanuatu.

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