On International Nurses Day, 6 AHP openings you can apply for right now

By Peace Corps
May 12, 2022

Happy International Nurses’ Day, a day to celebrate all the work nurses do for society. Did you know the Peace Corps has a program focusing on improving health care education and strengthening health systems?

In 2019, Peace Corps Response launched the Advancing Health Professionals program to bridge the health care knowledge gap by sharing skills and information in 12-month Volunteer assignments. Volunteers are partnered with universities, colleges, clinics, nongovernment organizations, and government departments and ministries around the world.

Check out these Advancing Health Professional positions you can apply to right now!

1) Nurse Educator: Psychiatric/Mental Health Specialist (Eswatini)

2) Nurse Educator: Midwifery Specialist (Eswatini)

3) Community Health Nurse Specialist (Eswatini)

4) Senior Health Policy Analyst (Malawi)

5) Lecturer: Medicinal Chemistry (Malawi)

6) Lecturer: Pharmacy & Pharmacognosy (Malawi)

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