How does the placement process work and how are people placed?

By Ashley Butterfield
April 1, 2015

If you're applying to the Peace Corps, you can see the application process steps online. 

Ashley Butterfield Swaziland
Ashley Butterfield is a Placement and Assessment Specialist in Peace Corps’ Placement Office and a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Swaziland.

However, highly successful candidates contact a recruiter to learn tips for navigating the process before applying.

After meeting with a recruiter, fill out an application online. From there, you will receive an email directing you to complete a health history form. Based on your health history, the medical office will provide you with a list of countries that can support your medical needs. Once you have that list, review current openings in those countries and then select the positions for which you would like to be considered for (you can select up to three, including "I'll serve anywhere"). After making your selections, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which will give the Peace Corps an understanding of your work style and the types of environments in which you might excel.

Congratulations, your application is complete and ready for the placement office!

The way applications move through the placement office is pretty straightforward. Placement specialists start by looking at the positions for which you said you wanted to be considered. If your position selections line up with the countries that the medical office approved you for, we will consider you for those countries. If you selected countries that were not approved by the medical office, we will not consider you for those positions.

Next, we look at the availability date that you provided. If the positions you selected are available during your stated availability, we will consider you for those positions.

Following the availability check, a placement specialist will review your résumé to see if your skill set meets the qualifications of the positions that you selected. If you have the right skill set, we will consider you for those positions.

Once the placement specialist verifies that the countries on your medical list, your availability and your skill set line up with the needs of the positions you selected, your application will be moved into a country for further consideration. “What if I meet the requirements for all three of the positions that I selected?” you ask. Well, in that case, the placement specialist will move your application into the country that has the greatest need for your skill set. Once a country is selected, you will be notified.

After your application is moved into a country for further consideration, the remainder of the process mirrors any competitive application process – all applications will be reviewed and only highly competitive candidates will be invited to interview. After the interview and following receipt of recommendations from your references, your placement specialist will conduct a final review of your application and make a final determination concerning your application. All applicants will be notified once a final decision has been made.

If you are the right person for the job, you will receive an invitation to serve in the Peace Corps!

Ready to start your Peace Corps journey? Connect with a recruiter today.

Ashley Butterfield

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