Hurry - these Peace Corps positions are only available today

By Peace Corps
April 1, 2019

It’s a new month, and we’re unveiling six new Peace Corps service opportunities. If you’re ready to make the most of your world, consider applying to one of these new positions today:

1. Interior Plant Design Specialist - Environment

Encourage a love for the environment by bringing the outdoors in.

A close-up shot of tropical flowers
Nothing says, "I love the Earth!" like fresh cut flowers.
2. Goat Yoga Instructor - Youth in Development

Make fitness more exciting by inviting goats. Your students won’t be able to stop talking about how much fun they had in yoga class.

Three goats stand on a log.
Time to kid around.
3. Food Stylist - Agriculture

From farm to table to Instagram.

A plate of dumplings in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Grow your food, then grow your Instagram followers.
4. Alternative Milk Adviser - Community Economic Development

Income generating projects, but make it lactose-free.

A man sits on a stool making coconut milk in a large metal bowl on the ground. His back is to the camera.
Coconut is the new cow.
5. Social Influencer - Health

Duties will include generating memes about proper hand washing techniques.

Woman holds cell phone in her hands
Who knew that ~fire~ memes could be so impactful?
6. Co-teach with your mom - Education

You and your mom make a great team already.

An overhead shot of a classroom in Tanzania. Students are wearing red sweaters.

Don’t see the right job for you? That's probably a good thing - these jobs are all fake. Take a look at our current (real) 2-year Volunteer openings or get to know our short-term, high impact positions with Peace Corps Response. You might be surprised how niche some of the projects are – like Marketing and Resource Mobilization Specialist in Eswatini or Rural Tourism Specialist in Peru.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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