When you have nothing left to give, you can still give kindness!

Peace Corps Volunteer with Villagers
By D.j. DeAustria
March 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Peace Corps!

It was a magical time! My arrogance was high, my temper was short, I believed I could truly help the world. It was an experience of humility, a lesson in humankind, and the first time I ever hear the term trust fund kid. When you have nothing else to give you can still give kindness. One of my favorite memories was a day I came home from the capital intending to have a loaf of bread and cup tea with powdered milk. The bakery hadn't delivered bread , and there wasn't any powdered milk, my neighbors asked what I was having for dinner, a common thing to ask. I said nothing, went into house, could hear but not understand what was being said between homes, soon a young kid brought over a plate of food, I don't know who went without, my guess is everyone went with just a little less to feed the fat American. So when you have nothing left to give you can still give kindness.

Ricards De Austria