Many Hands Make Light Work: Peace Corps Senegal Promotes Partnerships to Achieve a Greater Impact

By Raleigh Daniel
Feb. 6, 2015
Partners meeeting
Agroforestry Program Assistant Cherif Djitte facilitates a discussion between Tamba Peace Corps Volunteers and local partners.

On January 28th, Tambacounda Region Peace Corps Volunteers held a meeting with local NGOs and government partners to start the conversation about joint development work in the area. With the help of Peace Corps Senegal staff members, including Country Director Cheryl Faye, the day was filled with relationship building, networking, and information sharing. Each organization shared their work and then engaged in breakout discussions about sector specific problems and solutions. 

Partners meeeting
Country Director Cheryl Faye was able to take part in the meeting as part of her tour of several Peace Corps sites in the area. Pictured here with Community Economic Development Volunteer Ethan.

Participants included: USAIDASBEFAfricareRTS TambaJICAWorld VisionSODEFITEX, Tambacounda Chamber of Commerce, and GADEC, among others. Opening the lines of communication between all of these parties will not only make the jobs of local partners and Peace Corps volunteers easier, but it will hopefully make everyone’s efforts more impactful in the right ways.