Stories from Rwanda

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Rwanda.

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Locking up food security with permaculture

The United Nations created a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, agreed upon by 193 nations, in September of 2015 with the… Read More

Literacy Lab LGL

Happy International Education Week!

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The Women’s Bakery

Bread is good and it’s found everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.

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Finding new motivations the second time around

I cannot remember exactly where we were heading – there is a good chance it was to get some chicken wings for dinner – but I remember the conversation ended with “…so I’ve decided to apply to be a Peace Corps Response Volunteer,” and my father slowly nodded his head and kept driving. 

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VIDEO: Rwanda Volunteers' first arrival at site

Watch these Peace Corps Rwanda Volunteers' reactions as they arrive at their permanent site locations for the first time.

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TechKobwa Rwanda

TechKobwa was launched by Peace Corps Volunteers in 2013, inspired by Rwanda's resilient and ever-growing information technology and communication sectors [ICT]. 

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The finished painting

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda who decided to paint one painting per month during my 27 months of service.

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heather newell rwanda

Every day I think, reflect, behave or am inspired from something from my Peace Corps service in Rwanda. I have been a returned Peace Corps Volunteer for almost a year now, but the impact runs deep. 

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Moldova Volunteer Albert Sou reading to kids

Beginning in 1986, I served as an early childhood teacher trainer in Haiti. 

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VIDEO: Stomping out malaria goes local

Volunteers are making a difference for people in host communities by working across Africa to prevent malaria, educate and support people who are afflicted or at risk. 

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