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Background and General Description of Position.

USAID/Madagascar is deepening its engagement with the private sector to both create and expand upon opportunities to advance the Mission’s development objectives in health, food security, trade, environment, energy, and democracy and governance while identifying and pursuing targets of opportunity for economic growth. This position will significantly enhance the Mission’s ability to support and respond to these program areas.

The position of Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Advisor is located in the Sustainable Environment and Economic Development (SEED) Office, USAID/Madagascar Mission. The PSE Advisor reports to the SEED Office Director.

In order to build a long lasting culture of PSE, the incumbent is tasked with training and coaching the Cooperating Country National (CCN) PSE Specialist that will be hired so that he/she can take on the duties in the long term. The PSE Advisor will work hand in hand with the PSE Specialist in order to train and mentor him/her, especially in policies coming out of Washington, in building capacity of other Mission staff, and in establishing relationships with U.S. companies and increasing two-way trade. In this context, the incumbent will help the Specialist establish and maintain relationships with the private sector in order to build partnerships and leverage resources to achieve development outcomes. Initially, he/she will serve as the primary liaison for private sector centered initiatives and activities such as Prosper Africa, Power Africa, the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), and the Trade and Investment Hubs in East and Southern Africa. This role will then be transferred gradually over to the Specialist.

As a PSE champion within the USAID/Madagascar Mission, the PSE Advisor will help lead Mission efforts to implement USAID’s PSE policy. This includes working with technical and support offices in the Mission, the PSE Working Group, the Embassy’s Political Economic (Pol/ Econ) Section, and stakeholders in Washington, to develop and/or implement an operational, Mission-wide PSE plan, which will adopt and expand the Mission’s PSE practices and build capacity and processes to institutionalize the Agency’s PSE Policy across the USAID/Madagascar Mission. The incumbent will build support for and promote awareness of PSE and its potential for achieving more-sustainable outcomes across sectors. He/she will help technical offices integrate PSE into the program cycle and design process. In performance of his/her responsibilities, the incumbent will serve as the PSE point of contact for USAID/Madagascar with Washington (USAID/W). He/She, along with the Specialist, will represent USAID at high level meetings with the Government of Madagascar (GOM) representatives, development partners, and private sector actors. The PSE Advisor will also represent USAID at high level interagency settings.


The following specific duties and responsibilities will be performed by the PSE Advisor.

a. Supervise the Private Sector Engagement Specialist
● Provide training, coaching, and mentoring to the PSE Specialist (Local PSC), so that the Specialist will take on all the Advisor duties in the long run.
● Provide supervision, including assigning tasks for on-the-job training, and providing feedback to the PSE Specialist;
● Conducting quarterly check-ins and annual performance reviews.

b. Building and Managing Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Mission Priorities
● Work and coordinate closely with the SEED Office Director, Program Office, Mission technical teams, the Private Sector Specialist, and Implementing Partners, to cultivate Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Global Development Alliances (GDA), blended finance mechanisms and identify other opportunities for private sector engagement. This may include establishing relationships with the private sector through attendance at Chamber of Commerce meetings; requesting meetings to present USAID objectives and programs to interested private sector entities; and following up with implementing partners and technical teams to integrate market based approaches across sectors;
● Identify potential alliance partners (external) and develop relationships with private businesses, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and other non-traditional development organizations through formal and informal outreach, personal contacts, and networking.
● Serve as principal knowledge source on USAID policies regarding partnership programs and provide advice and guidance to the Private Sector Specialist, SEED, other technical Offices, support offices, and Mission Management on developing and maintaining public-private partnerships (PPP);
● Help to establish shared strategic priorities and goals between USAID and private sector partners;
● Provide reporting information on an annual and as needed basis to Washington regarding resources leveraged and development outcomes achieved due to partnerships with the private sector;
● Provide monitoring assistance on any ongoing DCA/DFC (Development Credit Authority) guarantees and investments, PPPs, GDA agreements, and other mechanisms involving the Mission and private sector.
● Organize roundtable discussions/speaker series on subjects which may contribute to a better understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and constraints related to the investment and enabling environment for the private sector;
● Lead the implementation of the PSE policy and the integration of market-based approaches in the program cycle, Country Development and Coordination Strategy (CDCS) and in the design of new projects and activities across technical offices.
● Give the private sector perspective on the objectives and activities of the Mission to the Technical and Support Offices, and vice versa;
● May be a COR/AOR and/or activity manager managing contracts and assistance awards.

c. Coordination of Economic Growth Initiatives
● As the USAID/Madagascar Advisor for PSE, contribute and coordinate with Regional and Centrally funded Economic Growth Support Programs;
● Plan and coordinate events with the Embassy and other USAID Operating Units (OU) to promote exchanges with private sector (both U.S. and Malagasy firms) and GOM actors;
● Identify opportunities to grow trade and commerce between U.S. and Malagasy businesses;
● Identify companies and conduct market research on local firms that would benefit from participation in USAID programs or events, while responding to opportunities identified within the economic activities of USAID Mission projects;
● Assist in the development of trade missions between the U.S. and Madagascar, by developing linkages between U.S. companies and Malagasy businesses and facilitate the collection of information to evaluate the capacity of Malagasy businesses to meet market demands;
● Work closely with the East and Southern Africa Trade Hubs and Prosper Africa in Washington to promote U.S. and Malagasy trade and commerce;
● Working closely with Power Africa and the Southern Regional Energy Program (SAEP), assist the Mission to develop and follow potential Power Africa transactions for Madagascar, including analytical analysis, project preparation, financing and relationship management;
● Participate in meetings and working groups with other donor organizations working in the energy
and trade sectors and share that information with relevant Mission staff and Pol/Econ.
● Coordinate with technical teams and the PSE working group to establish linkages between the Mission’s sectoral programs, and the DFC, including developing project pipeline for DFC investments;
● Develop and sustain close, collaborative, professional relationships with senior government officials, the private sector, heads of regional and international NGOs, industry associations, and leaders in civil society.
● Serve as the point person initially for PSE, Prosper Africa, Power Africa, DFC, and related mechanisms and stakeholders for USAID/Madagascar. Represent USAID on the Whole-of Mission’s Economic Working Group and Deal Team.

d. Implementation of PSE Policy
● Coordinate with technical and support offices, PSE Working Group, the Embassy Pol/ Econ Section to develop and update the PSE Plan for the Mission.
● Conduct analyses to identify the needs of USAID/Madagascar programs, projects and activities to better engage with the private sector and integrate market-based approaches.
● Conduct analyses on the constraints and needs of the private sector to work and partner with ongoing USAID/Madagascar programs/projects/activities and suggest recommendations to optimize achievement of goals.
● Assist in the development of scopes of work for mechanisms that will include a PSE component.
● Monitor and assess the implementation of the PSE Plan in collaboration with the PSE working group, PSE Specialist, and technical teams.
● Conduct informative, learning and communication sessions regarding the implementation of the PSE Plan (practices, lessons learned, corrective measures taken, potential next steps).
● Coordinate with technical and support offices, the PSE Specialist, and the staff from other OUs, to develop training sessions and tools to institutionalize the PSE policy and implement the PSE plan across offices in USAID/Madagascar.

Supervisory Relationship
The incumbent works under the supervision of the SEED Office Director. The incumbent will be expected to work independently. Incumbent is expected to use initiative and sound judgment in planning and carrying out assignments and to function with substantial independence. S/he is expected to be able to plan work for a time horizon of up to one year. Work is evaluated for effectiveness of results, quality of insights and analysis, professionalism, and compliance with prevailing policies, regulations, directives and objectives.

Supervisory Controls
The incumbent will provide guidance on private sector engagement policy and PSE Operational Plan and supervise, train and mentor the PSE Specialist.



a. Education
Bachelor’s degree in Management, International Development, Business, Education, Economics, or degree related to trade or international investment and finance from a reputable institution.

b. Relevant Work Experience
● At least 5 years of work experience on issues related to economic growth, finance, energy, trade and/or private sector development, which include a focus on entrepreneurship, social enterprise, impact investing, or workforce PSE development. It may also include work with early stage enterprises, NGOs, universities or donor organizations that support private sector engagement.
● Management and supervisory experience required.

c. Language Proficiency
A minimum language proficiency equivalent to level IV (fluent) is required in English and level III is required in French.

d. Software Proficiency
Must be computer literate with advanced skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Google packages and familiarity with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.).

e. Clearances
● The ability to obtain a Department of State medical clearance (Class 1) in a timely manner.
● The ability to obtain Facility and Computer access clearance.

The Government may award a contract without discussions with offerors in accordance with FAR 52.215- 1. The CO reserves the right at any point in the evaluation process to establish a competitive range of offerors with whom negotiations will be conducted pursuant to FAR 15.306(c). In accordance with FAR52.215-1, if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the CO may limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated offers. FAR provisions of this solicitation are available at

Offerors who meet the minimum qualifications will be further evaluated, through their offer packages, based on the factors listed below. Offerors must address each factor on a separate sheet describing specifically the experience, training, and/or education that s/he has relevant to each factor. The committee may conduct interviews of the most highly ranked candidates before making a selection recommendation to the CO. The successful candidates will be selected based on a review of their qualifications, work experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities; interview if applicable; and the results of reference checks. The hiring panel may check references that have not been specifically identified by applicants and may check references before or after a candidate is interviewed. We remind that only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

a. Education: (10 points)
● Master’s degree in Management, Business, International Development, Economics, or related degree to trade, or international investment and finance.
● Additional certifications or degrees relevant to private sector development, economic growth, energy or trade.

b. Relevant Work Experience: (45 points)
● More than 5 years of work experience on issues related to economic and private sector growth. This can include work on energy, trade, agribusiness, entrepreneurship, finance and impact investing, and/or workforce development. It may also include work with early stage enterprises, NGOs, universities or donor organizations that support private enterprise.
● Demonstrated experience engaging with the private sector in areas of economic growth such as energy, trade, agribusiness, health and finance. It is also critical that the candidate be able to easily engage U.S. businesses, local entrepreneurs, commercial banks, international lending institutions, and others involved in development and business investment.
● Demonstrated experience engaging with government actors to define policy, negotiate deals or provide advisory services.
● The candidate has developed, negotiated and managed a cooperation agreement or a Memorandum Of Understanding between one or a group of foreign and U.S. private sector partners.

c. Knowledge: (15 points)
● The candidate must demonstrate an understanding of the private sector and the development of private businesses as a means to promote employment, productivity, income and equitable growth.
● He/she must demonstrate competencies in working with the private sector and using market-based approaches to achieve development and humanitarian outcomes.
● An understanding of the energy sector and/or trade is required or the candidate must be able to quickly build knowledge in these areas as discussions on highly technical issues with government officials, the Embassy, USAID/Washington and potential partners is an important element of the position.

d. Abilities: (15 points)
● The candidate must have strong problem solving skills involving complex, or conceptual problems, particularly in the areas of private sector engagement and business development.
● Similarly, he/she must have strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
● He/she must be a team player and be able to develop and maintain positive working relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, private sector, donor and GOM representatives.
● He/she must be able to provide cross-sectoral guidance on PSE to staff and partners, have a level of authority/leadership/credibility necessary for successfully fulfilling the scope of work.
● He/she must develop how the role will be institutionalized and sustained over time. This includes supervising, mentoring and coaching the PSE Specialist who will eventually take over the position.

e. Interpersonal and Communication: (15 points)
● The candidate must demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills in a diverse cultural setting.
● Good oral communication skills including the ability to give and receive feedback.
● He/she must be able to craft well-written, concise, and on-time communications in the form of emails, memos, site visit reports, and other documents.
● He/she must have proven experience working in teams to accomplish a defined set of tasks in a timely manner. These tasks may encompass program oversight, strategy development, program design, and procurement actions.


GS13 Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

Application instructions

Contact email: [email protected]

- Offers must be submitted to the e-mail address: [email protected]
- Subject line of your e-mail should read: “PSE Advisor 2021 [your name]”
- E-mail attachments should be in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf) and/or Word format (.doc or.docx)
- Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3.

U.S. Embassy
Lot 207 A, Point Liberty
Andranoro Antehiroka
Antananarivo 105
With possible travel as stated in the Statement of Duties

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