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Algeria’s ties to the United States go back centuries, with U.S. companies expanding their footprint in Algeria in recent years, both independently and in collaboration with Algerian partners. In contrast to popular perception in Algeria, these growing ties span a wide range of economic domains beyond just the energy sector, from food and agriculture to pharmaceuticals, banking to infrastructure, and education to hospitality.

In 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Algiers developed a vision to produce a 10-part reality television program titled “Andi Hulum” (“I Have A Dream” in Algerian Arabic) to promote youth entrepreneurship and raise the profile of American business ties in Algeria. Originally planned for Fall 2019, the show finally debuted in February 2020, after December’s presidential elections were complete and a new government was in place. Episodes ran on Echourouk television through April 2020. Despite the numerous challenges in producing and airing the show, it garnered the attention and interest of Algerian youth.

As the show aired, the economic situation in Algeria took a rapid turn for the worse. A steep drop in the price of oil caused a sharp decline within the highly subsidized, hydrocarbon-based economy. COVID-19 restrictions further reduced opportunities for work and training for youth. At the same time, opportunities for enterprising youth arose, as the government made concrete steps toward reducing barriers to online commerce and services, areas in which youth have a high capacity to make significant impact with new business.

With funding secured from the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, World Learning will encourage and track the progress of young entrepreneurs from Andi Hulum Season I as they develop their business ideas in the new economic landscape of Algeria. A select group of former contestants will access training, mentoring, and material support to incubate entrepreneurship over 9 months, sharing video stories (vlogs) for public interaction as they hone their business dreams into a new reality. The program aims to further kindle the enthusiasm generated from the show’s initial set of challenges, following contestants into the increasingly perilous real world as they work on taking their ideas from dream to reality.

A consultant Is required to lend expertise to project start-up activites and provide periodic coaching to local project management staff, bringing specific expertise in American entrepreneurship approaches with perspective on the unique challenges found in the Algerian business environment:


Objectives overview:

The consultant will provide specific start-up input and periodic coaching of Algeria-based communications team members, Intervening on the following objectives:

1. Support promising young Algerian entrepreneurs to launch and/or advance their business initiatives through networking, visibility, skills building, and other opportunities.

2. Raise the profile of U.S. economic engagement in Algeria through enhanced visibility of American businesses operating and investing in Algeria.

Consultant Activities and Deliverables:

The American Algerian Entrepreneurship consultant will provide project start-up input, then coaching and guidance for Communication Manager and Media Interns on project implementation.

The three project activity categories are: project coordination and oversight; vlogging production, and program promotion.

A. Project Coordination and Oversight

The Consultant will organize and participate in an Initial planning meeting with WL team members to finalize a work plan for project activities, below.

Activity 1: Call for Applications and selection of participants. Drawing from the Season I participant pool, the Consultant will provide feedback for selection criteria for participants in Season II, as well as the process for leading outreach and finalizing participation. Seeking a dynamic set of young people with market-ready ideas, 4-6 participants will make up the final group.

Activity 2: Entrepreneurship Training Program- the Consultant will review the training series developed by World Learning targeting Algerian small business development, selecting topics appropriate for selected participants to study from modules that assist with launching a new business, including: developing business ideas, collecting feedback, market analysis, finance, marketing, and business management strategies. At the end of the training program, the Consultant will conduct one coaching session with each participant to guide the development of a business plan for their own concept.

Activity 3: Mentoring - The Consultant will attend a Mentoring identification meeting with WL and Embassy staff and advise WL's communication staff on effective outreach to secure participation of enough mentors to allow for 2 meetings per-participant. Mentors will be drawn from existing networks such as original Andi Hulum jurists, AMCham members and Bawsala mentoring programs. If any participant has advanced to having an existing business, they may access technical expertise to provide existing entrepreneurs with supply driven growth strategies, skills and know-how needed to grow their business staff while creating linkages to key entrepreneurship eco-system actors.

Through the mentorship program, each participant will develop a set of individual goals to guide their advancement through Season II. Participants may access up to $4,700 in business support materials (office and tech equipment, software, continued training) according to their individual needs. Vlog entries will document progress toward individual goals set during this activity.

Activity 4: Mapping of Incubation Supports for Entrepreneurs: The Consultant will create a list of potential supports for young entrepreneurs. S/he will liaise with communications team to guide participants to make field visits to existing community supports such as ANSEJ ( funding grants for young entrepreneurs), incubators such as the Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship (ACSE), and any new initiatives offered by the nascent Ministry of Start-Ups. Vlogs of this portion will give feedback on the feasibility of accessing these supports for budding entrepreneurs.

B. Production

Each week will feature 2-3 participant vlogs, staggered between participants over the course of the program. Participants will be expected to record regular vlogs, with at least one share-able vlog posted each month.

Consultant role: view vlogs and share feedback on quality and content to Communication Media Manager.

C. Promotion

World Learning will work closely with the U.S. Embassy to create a high level of public engagement with the vlogging platform. Three video compilations will promote the series – a launch video, a mid-point compilation and a finale to summarize participant experiences. These videos along with weekly vlog posts will be boosted each week across social media platforms. World Learning will assign 2 interns specifically to media promotion and analysis to better target outreach and respond to audience feedback as the vlogs progress.

Consultant role: Provide feedback on video content during development, as well as insights for outreach strategies for boosting on social media.



• Experience promoting business growth and improved business management practices in both the US and Algeria

• Experience in training program development.

• Relevant MA or MBA and 7 years of experience, or relevant BA and 15 years of experience.

• Fluency in English required, knowledge of Arabic and/or French preferred.\


Remote with travel to Algiers as possible

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