Post Content Contributors: Request Form

Peace Corps posts can use this form to tell us who should have access to edit and publish content in their Country Section of 

Please enter information for the person who needs access and indicate what role s/he should have. Your options for roles are:

  • EDITOR: this person will have the ability to save changes to web pages in a draft form and submit changes for moderation, but will not be able to publish those changes. It is appropriate for staff and trusted Volunteers to be given this role. 

  • MODERATOR: this person will have all the permissions that editors have, but will also be able to publish their own changes and also changes submitted by Editors for moderation. Only staff and Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders (PCVLs), approved by the Country Director, should be given this role. In addition, anyone with this role must have a email address. 

Please submit a separate form response for each Content Contributor. You can select as many Content Contributors as you like. We just ask that these be trusted folks who can be counted on to create appropriate and accurate content that meets Peace Corps standards. 

Please note: if this person is going to be a Moderator (i.e. have the ability to publish changes to the website), s/he must be a staff member approved by the Country Director and utilize a email address.
See above for a description of each role.