Director's Welcome

Dear prospective Volunteers, Returned PCVs, Friends and Family,

Welcome to the Peace Corps Peru webpage! We hope that you find here information and inspiration to support us and join us as we carry out the mission of the Peace Corps: World Peace and Friendship.

Peace Corps Volunteers in Peru, our primary resource, are community development facilitators with the primary goal of developing the capacity of community partners to become, themselves, community development facilitators and agents of sustainable change.

Our Volunteers are, in their majority, generalist Volunteers with college degrees who participate in at least 11 weeks of intensive training prior to beginning their service. They reflect our country’s great diversity and represent the best and brightest that the United States has to offer. Volunteers serve the people of Peru for two years. Additionally, we recruit experienced Peace Corps Response Volunteers who serve in targeted professional placements for one year. Volunteers in Peru carry out their roles as community development facilitators through four project areas: Community Health, Water and Sanitation, Community Economic Development, and Youth Development. All Volunteers can receive technical support to implement a range of secondary activities including projects in the area of Environment Awareness.

Peace Corps Peru’s strategy strives toward measurable and sustainable development impact with realistic project goals, objectives and indicators that align with the development goals of Peru. Volunteers work hand-in-hand with local counterparts in selected regions of the country. The success of their work is contingent upon their integration into the communities they serve. They live with local families who become their cultural guides and gateway to the community. Volunteers share in local culture, celebrations and even hardships, fully immersed in a two year experience that impacts the community they serve as well as their own future as informed and engaged global citizens.

Peace Corps Peru staff is composed of highly skilled, innovative and empowered professionals who are dedicated to the development of their country and provide the best possible support to Volunteers. As development workers, programmers, planners, cultural guides, health care providers, coaches, champions of safety and security, trainers, administrators, drivers and a myriad of related roles, they create and sustain an organizational environment where leadership is understood as a means to help others grow.

Peace Corps Peru is a learning organization that embraces change and is inclusive in nature, welcoming diversity and testing new ideas to meet the needs and demands of changing times.

We hope that you will be inspired by our mission and our work, and that some of you will join us either here in Peru or at other Peace Corps posts. We look forward to working with you as you start that journey.

Temby Mary Caprio, Ph.D.
Country Director