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Country Director's Welcome for Peru

CD Welcome

Dear Peace Corps Community,

Thanks for visiting the Peace Corps Peru webpage! We hope that you find here the information and inspiration you seek, and that you will join us as we carry out Peace Corps’ mission of world peace and friendship. Joining the Peace Corps is an enormous challenge, an amazing opportunity to learn; it is a commitment to do something bigger than yourself. Being a Peace Corps Volunteer presents a unique opportunity to stretch your abilities to their maximum capacity and awaken internal resources that you maybe didn’t know you had. It is also an experience that few people dare to undertake – leaving the comforts and predictability of home to live and work in another country, shoulder to shoulder with local people in their community, internalizing their culture, their values and practices, accompanying them in their quest for a better life. While working to advance project objectives and deepen community ties, Volunteers enjoy the incredible history, scenery, and culture that this beautiful country and its people have to offer.

Two-year Peace Corps Volunteers are mostly generalists who participate in 2 months of intensive training prior to beginning their service. These volunteers are the backbone of our program, living and working with families and counterparts in rural communities. Peace Corps Volunteers in the two-year program in Peru work in the areas of Youth in Development, Community Economic Development, Community Health, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. They carry out secondary projects organizing clubs and sports teams, planting gardens, and various other activities in their communities.

Peace Corps Response Volunteers are more seasoned professionals who serve in targeted placements to provide specific technical assistance for up to one year. Volunteers in our Response program support work in a variety of strategic areas such as Environment and Climate Change, Gender Awareness, and Special Education. The range of profiles of all our Volunteers presents a beautiful reflection our country’s great diversity.

Peace Corps Peru offers a service support model throughout your time with us – from when you are a newly arrived Trainee through to when you are a seasoned service veteran. Service support incorporates an approach, systems, and strategies to support a successful service experience. It encompasses relationship and capacity building while considering the needs of the many stakeholders you will interact with throughout your entire service. Those stakeholders include the community to which you will be assigned, the local organizations you will be supporting, and our national partners, such as the Ministry of Health or Education. Our goal is to prepare you to be a competent, skilled partner in the many facets of community development.

An important component of our service support strategy is helping you develop the competencies that will prepare you for professional service by exemplifying commitment to service and resilience; demonstrating responsibility for personal health, safety and security; integrating into communities; and facilitating participatory community development. The basis of the service support strategy is our outstanding Peace Corps Peru staff. Our team is comprised of highly skilled, innovative professionals who are dedicated to the development of their country and provide the best possible support to our communities, the local and national partners, and the Volunteers. As technical specialists, language and cultural guides, health care providers, coaches, champions of safety and security, administrators, and a myriad of related roles, they create and sustain an organizational environment whose primary objective is to help our volunteers grow and thrive through their service.

Peace Corps Peru is a learning organization that embraces change and is inclusive in nature, welcoming diversity and testing new ideas to meet the needs and demands of changing times. We encourage our volunteers to take each day as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your surroundings, and to strengthen your capacity for tolerance and empathy. Peace Corps Service will test your comfort with certain truths, and will provoke you to question your own assumptions, to seek new sources of information, and to have the flexibility to adjust your beliefs as you discover new truths and realities.

We hope that you will be inspired by our mission and our work, and that some of you will join us either here in Peru or at other Peace Corps posts. We look forward to hearing from you along your journey.

Susan Kolodin

Country Director, Peru