Growing Together Storytelling Contest: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit my story in video format, or can I submit a written story instead?

For this contest, we are only accepting stories in video format. You will accompany your video with a short description; however, this is not a writing contest.

Can I upload an attachment?

We are not accepting any attachments. Your video description or English transcript can be typed directly into the text box in the submission form. Note that you can draft the text in another tool, such as Word or Google document, and paste the final text in the text box.

Will my video submission ever be shown to the public?

No, your video submission is for internal review processes only. It will never be published or made available to the public.

How will my story be evaluated?

Your story will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • There is a clear connection to the theme of the event – Growing Together
  • The story demonstrates a respectful and ethical approach to storytelling
  • The story is authentic and motivating
  • There is a clear plot and story elements are used effectively

Please note that your story will not be evaluated on video editing or production. Evaluation is based on the content of the story, not the video production. A simple recording on a phone is perfectly acceptable, as long as the story is compelling, fits with the theme, and is told in an ethical way.

Can my counterpart and I submit a story together?

No, each participant must submit their own story. If your counterpart or a member of your host community would like to submit a story, they are more than welcome to! We encourage Volunteers to help community members to submit their story as needed.

If I am selected as a winner, can I choose to perform my own story at the Storytelling Event?

No, all stories will be performed by students, as this event is also part of on-going efforts to creatively engage youth in the U.S. in intercultural exchanges.

Participation in the preparation for, and execution of, the storytelling event will provide a unique experience for students to learn more about the countries and communities where Volunteers serve, and for winners to create meaningful relationships with students that will help grow and expand the Peace Corps network.

Who covers the cost for winners traveling to the Storytelling Event at the Kennedy Center on March 1st, 2024?

The Peace Corps will cover the cost of flights, lodging and daily living stipend for all contest winners who will be attending the event at the Kennedy Center. However, the Peace Corps cannot guarantee travel to the U.S. for individuals that do not possess the necessary documents and authorization (e.g. passport and visa). Alternate, in-country, celebrations will be arranged for winners unable to attend in person.