Peace Corps Week: Meet the Moment

February 27 to March 5, 2022

Peace Corps Week commemorates President John F. Kennedy’s establishment of the agency on March 1, 1961, and celebrates all the ways that Peace Corps makes a difference at home and abroad.

Video: CEO Carol Spahn's Peace Corps Week Town Hall Keynote

Celebrating Peace Corps Service

After more than six decades since its founding, the Peace Corps’ mission to promote world peace and friendship remains more relevant than ever. The Peace Corps, at its core, is about celebrating diversity around the world, building relationships and opportunities, and fostering equity and inclusion.

Video: A message from CEO Carol Spahn commemorating Peace Corps Week 2022

Since 1961, more than 240,000 Americans have served our country and the global community as Peace Corps Volunteers, living and working alongside local leaders to catalyze change. After Volunteers complete their service, they return to the United States with new sets of skills, deep knowledge of other cultures and global issues, and long-lasting relationships with people from their host countries.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) continue their service by promoting awareness of other cultures and global issues with friends, family, and the American public; maintaining relationships with colleagues and friends from the countries where they served; and sustaining their commitment to volunteerism and public service.

Share your story throughout 2022

Peace Corps Approach to Ethical Storytelling toolkit

Peace Corps Week may be over, but as returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), your stories are still essential to achieving the Third Goal. This toolkit is intended to support your storytelling by introducing components of ethical storytelling, a practice of sharing stories in a way that acknowledges varying power dynamics and centers mutual respect. The toolkit, which includes a video and an accompanying workbook, ties ethical storytelling to the Peace Corps approach for intercultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Review the toolkit and craft your story.

Participate in our Global Connections program

The Paul D. Coverdell World Wise Schools Global Connections program is at the heart of fulfilling the Peace Corps' Third Goal—to increase Americans' understanding of other peoples and cultures. Through our Global Connections program, returned Peace Corps Volunteers are available to speak with your classroom, community group, or other organization, either virtually or in-person. Returned Volunteer speakers can help to introduce a new culture to your audience, promote global learning, and share their stories and experiences of living and working at the grassroots level in their community of service. This program is free, operates year-round, and open to audiences of all ages.

Sign up to request a speaker.

Sign in and share

Are you a returned Peace Corps Volunteer interested in sharing your story? Signing up is easy – just sign in to your RPCV Portal account and select the types of audiences and events you’d like to participate in. We’ll let you know if we receive a request matching your preferences!

Please note that if you don't have a portal account yet, you must request an invitation code and create an account before signing up for Global Connections. Thank you for your continued service!

This time has taught us just how interconnected we all are. We ‘meet the moment’ when we harness that global connectedness in service of each other.

Carol Spahn
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