Stories from Paraguay

Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a story to tell. Read stories from Volunteers about what it's like to live and work in Paraguay.

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Seeing what's out there: Camera in traps in Paraguay

A footprint in the sand, a distant call at dusk or an all-too-brief glimpse of an escaping tail is sometimes all a Volunteer will see of Paraguayan wildlife around their community. 

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Morocco house

In Mongolia, you might live in a ger; in Swaziland, it could be a rondavel. Just as each Volunteer experience is different, so is each house. 

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The term "entrepreneur" was coined by Irish-French economist Richard Cantillon in the 18th century. It means "bearer of risk." It is that, for sure! 

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"Aha!" Moments of Cultural Exchange

Every week, a group of señoras meets for fun and learning. This week’s meeting was especially sweet because we had some major “aha!” moments in cultural exchange.

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Never give up -OR- the fab five

At the start, I had 40 students. A few weeks in, there were seven.

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Moldova Volunteer Albert Sou reading to kids

Beginning in 1986, I served as an early childhood teacher trainer in Haiti. 

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