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Country Director's Welcome for Paraguay

Welcome to Peace Corps Paraguay!

Paraguay is an amazing country with a rich history and warm and welcoming culture. We have developed this resource to share with you a little bit about what life is like as a Volunteer in Paraguay, the programs we support, and the wonderful people you will work with during your service. We hope this answers some of the questions that you have… happy browsing!

Your experience here will shape your personal and professional lives for years to come. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, you are a development professional working at the invitation of a Paraguayan government ministry or community organization to collaborate with your Paraguayan partners in achieving their development goals. Those of you willing to work with dedication and mutual respect will find acceptance, an outstanding experience, and lasting friendships.

Training is foundational for getting started. The training provided when you arrive to Paraguay is designed to help prepare you for Volunteer service. Practical training in Spanish and Guaraní, technical orientation for your project assignment, medical, safety and cross-cultural orientation are all designed to assist you in adapting to life in Paraguay and to support your success. You are expected to become part of your community, spending most of your time, including your weekends, integrated into daily life and customs while living on a modest stipend.

Relationships are critical for integration and success. Throughout your years here, you are supported by the dedicated staff of Peace Corps/Paraguay who mentor, support, and challenge you to maximize your service and provide meaningful contributions to the Paraguayan people and their communities. Upon completing service here most Volunteers feel mostly strongly about the personal relationships and connections they have made, ones they will most likely remember and keep throughout the rest of their lives and careers.

Commitment comes from you. If you are interested in becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer, I ask you to seriously consider this opportunity and commitment to join us in the construction of a productive, peaceful and healthy world for Paraguayan families and communities. If invited to serve as a Volunteer here, please carefully review our Welcome Book, your Volunteer Assignment Description (VAD), and the Volunteer Service Handbook to learn more about Paraguay, your assignment, and Peace Corps policies. I encourage you to reflect honestly on your willingness to commit to the highest standard of Peace Corps service.

On behalf of the Peace Corps Paraguay team, I welcome you to join us!

Don Clark

Country Director,  Peace Corps Paraguay

RPCV Bolivia 1996-1999