Washington Women Speak on Women in Development Issues; Returned volunteers share experiences, reflect on women's issues in developing countries

Washington, DC, March 31, 1999—In recognition of Women\'s History Month, the Peace Corps sponsored a panel discussion on Women in Development yesterday.
More than 60 people turned out to hear four panelists, all former volunteers, discuss their projects and the impact they had on women in their communities. The panelists were: Lee Anne Adams (Paraguay 1994-97), Karen Pilliod (Guinea 1996-98), Cari Sisserson (Ukraine 1996-98) and Lyn Messner (Lesotho 1985-88).
"The theory behind Women in Development helps ensure that women are recognized as important in the development process," said Messner, who is also the Women in Development Coordinator at Peace Corps.
"Peace Corps volunteers all over the world are implementing great projects, and working to include all members of the community in their own development," she said.
The panelists also spoke about issues of safety and security and what it was like to be a U.S. woman living and working in a developing nation.
Today nearly 6,700 Peace Corps volunteers are working in 80 countries to bring clean water to communities, teach children, protect the environment, help start new businesses, and prevent the spread of AIDS. Since 1961, more than 152,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps.

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