Top Peace Corps Volunteer Producing Universities and Colleges (Currently Serving Volunteers, January 2000)

Top 25 Overall 1.University of Wisconsin at Madison117 2.University of Colorado at Boulder91 3.University of Michigan at Ann Arbor78 4.Penn State University72 University of Texas at Austin72 5.University of California at Berkeley71 6.University of Virginia70 7.University of Washington69 8.University of Illinois67 9.Michigan State University66 10.University of North Carolina61 11.University of California at Davis60 University of California at Santa Cruz60 12.Indiana University at Bloomington59 13.Colorado State University58 14.Cornell University57 15.University of Oregon56 16.University of Minnesota55 17.University of California at San Diego53 18.University of California at Santa Barbara51 Georgetown University51 19.Ohio State University50 20.Humboldt State University47 University of Massachusetts at Amherst47 Boston University47 21.University of Florida46 Northwestern University46 22.University of Maryland at College Park44 Ohio University at Athens44 23.Oregon State University43 24.Western Washington University42 25.University of Arizona40 George Washington University40 University of Iowa40 American University40 Rutgers University40
Top 10 (Less Than 5,000 Undergraduate Population) 1.American University40 2.Tufts University25 3.Colorado College24 4.University of San Francisco20 5.Mary Washington College19 6.Gustavus Adolphus College18 Oberlin College18 Whitman College18 Middlebury College18 7.Carleton College17 St. Olaf College17 Johns Hopkins University17 Macalester College17 Vassar College17 University of Minnesota at Morris17 8.Evergreen State College16 University of Chicago16 Dickinson College16 Brandeis University16 Willamette University16 9.University of Richmond15 Lewis & Clark College15 Colgate University15 Santa Clara University15 Gonzaga University15 Bowdoin College15 10.Colby College14 Williams College14 Linfield College14 Skidmore College14
Top 5 (Under 2,500 Undergraduate Population) 1.Whitman College18 2.Vassar College17 University of Minnesota at Morris17 3.Willamette University16 Dickinson College16 4.Colgate University15 Bowdoin College15 5.Skidmore College14

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