Team To Assess Re-Opening of Program In Peru

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 22, 2001—The Peace Corps announced today that it is exploring the possible re-opening of a program in Peru. In response to President Alejandro Toledo’s election day statement of interest in Peace Corps returning to Peru, a team of personnel will be traveling to Lima to conduct an initial assessment of the programmatic opportunities and the security environment and conditions there.

Peace Corps first opened a program in Peru in 1962 and left at the request of President General Juan Velasco Alvarado in 1975, when it was felt that the developmental work could be effectively continued by local citizens. The assessment team will be in Peru from October 21-27, 2001, and will meet with a variety of government officials and development organizations to assess where Peace Corps volunteers might best collaborate with Peruvians on grassroots development projects. Previous programs supported 137 volunteers and trainees in agriculture, education, fisheries, forestry and earthquake reconstruction program.

Representing Peace Corps will be Acting Regional Director Maryann Minutillo, Coordinator for Volunteer Safety and Overseas Security Michael O’Neill, Programming and Training Advisor John McCloskey, South American Country Desk Officer Rita Jimenez and Roberto Coquis, Special Assistant to the Director.

Meetings will be in coordination with the American Embassy and the assessment team will meet with representatives from the office of President Toledo, Vice President and Minister of Industry and Tourism Raul Diez Canseco.

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