Peace Corps To Mark World AIDS Day in Your Region

The spread of HIV has become a global issue that no one can ignore, claiming over 2.8 million lives last year, according to UNAIDS. The trust and relationships that Peace Corps Volunteers have earned in communities across the world have placed Volunteers in an important role in educating people about HIV/AIDS and encouraging them to get tested and seek counseling.

Over the next few weeks, Peace Corps will be hosting a series of events recognizing the important work that Peace Corps Volunteers are performing in the field of HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Last year, Peace Corps Volunteers working in HIV/AIDS helped almost 900,000 people across the globe. To learn more about their great work or how you can become a Volunteer, consider attending an event near you.


11/30 HIV/AIDS Awareness Panel Discussion, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

12/1 HIV/AIDS Information Table, University of Arizona, Tucson

12/1 World AIDS Day Presentation, Arizona State University, Tempe

California (Northern)

11/28 HIV/AIDS Information Session, San Jose

11/29 HIV/AIDS Information Session, Sacramento

11/29 HIV/AIDS Information Session, College of Marin, Kentfield

11/29 World AIDS Day Panel, San Francisco

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, UC-Berkeley

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, UC-Davis

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, Humboldt State University, Arcata

12/1 HIV/AIDS Information Table, Stanford, Palo Alto

California (Southern)

11/29 HIV/AIDS Information Session, UC-San Diego

11/30 Minorities In Peace Corps Health Programs, Echo Park Branch Library, Los Angeles

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, Studio City, Los Angeles

11/30 HIV/AIDS Awareness Information Session, Sowers Middle School, Huntington Beach

11/30 World AIDS Day Presentation, Cal Poly SLO, San Luis Obispo

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, Malibu

11/30 HIV and AIDS Information Table, San Diego State

11/30 HIV/AIDS Information Session, Central Park, Rancho Cucamonga


11/28 World AIDS Day Information Session, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

11/30 World AIDS Day Event, Denver


11/30 World AIDS Day GLOBETALK, Emory University, Atlanta


11/30 & 12/1 2006 World AIDS Day Events, Chicago area


12/1 HIV/AIDS Project in Benin Brown-Bag Presentation, University of Kansas, Lawrence


11/30 & 12/1 World AIDS Day Events, Tulane University, New Orleans


11/30 Peace Corps World AIDS Day Panel Discussion, Boston

11/30 World AIDS Day, Panel Discussion, Boston University

11/30 World AIDS Day Conversation, Brandeis University, Waltham

New York

11/30 World AIDS Day Presentation, New York City


11/30 Peace Corps World AIDS Day Panel Discussion, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

12/1 World AIDS Day Event, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater


11/30 World AIDS Day Event, University of Northern Texas, Denton

11/30 World AIDS Day Conversation, Houston

Washington, D.C.

11/29 Peace Corps World AIDS Day Event, Washington, D.C.


12/7 AIDS Resource Center & Peace Corps, Marquette University, Milwaukee

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