Peace Corps Offers 4,000 New Jobs Next Year; Agency Kicks Off Millennial-Year Drive with Events Around the Nation on Dec. 28

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 20, 1999—In an effort to recruit 4,000 new volunteers, the largest number of new volunteers in a generation, the Peace Corps will hold simultaneous recruitment sessions across the country on Tuesday, Dec. 28.
To find the location of 11 sessions offered on Dec. 28, and to read about other upcoming events, go to:
While the number of new "hires" will be the highest in 25 years for the agency, acting Peace Corps Director Charles Baquet III said the Peace Corps welcomes applicants with broad backgrounds and experiences.
"Successful Peace Corps volunteers are much more than what appears on their resumes," Baquet said. "We also look for attributes not found on paper: perseverance, high motivation, and a commitment to serving others."
Americans most highly sought by Peace Corps are those with education or work background in teaching, business, agriculture, the environment, health, and community development. The 4,000 new recruits will receive language, technical and cross-cultural training in their Peace Corps country before beginning two years of service.
Monica Mills, director of volunteer recruitment and selection, said the timing of the event ties in well with a common New Year\'s resolution: to make a personal change.
"Resolve to make a difference now," she said, "and we can have you overseas by summer actually making a difference."
Today, more than 7,000 Peace Corps volunteers serve in 78 countries around the world, working to fight hunger, prevent the spread of AIDS, protect the environment, teach children, promote health and nutrition, and help start small businesses. Since 1961, more than 155,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps.

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