Peace Corps Launches New Recruitment Campaign; New Video and Catalogue Premiere at January 4 Events Nationwide

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 3, 2001—The Peace Corps will launch a new national marketing campaign at recruiting events in 27 cities throughout the United States on January 4. The new campaign is designed to recruit a new generation of Peace Corps volunteers as the agency prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary in March.
Based on the campaign theme, "Redefine Your World," the campaign conveys the spirit of idealism of today\'s Peace Corps volunteers and documents some of the contributions they are making in developing countries. The campaign features a new 16-minute video and a 52-page catalogue profiling 11 volunteers who are serving in Nicaragua, Ghana, Armenia and Turkmenistan. The volunteers describe the challenges and rewards of serving in the Peace Corps and answer many questions that potential Peace Corps volunteers ask.
"This is an exciting time to serve in the Peace Corps. We have more than 7,300 volunteers-the highest level since 1974-serving in 76 countries, and we want to build on this momentum. We are confident that our marketing campaign will encourage a new generation of people from every background to serve in the Peace Corps," said Peace Corps Director Mark Schneider.
People interested in joining the Peace Corps can see the video and receive a copy of the catalogue at recruiting events across the country on January 4 and throughout the year ahead. For information about local recruiting events, visit the Peace Corps Web site at
The campaign is designed to appeal to a wide variety of people from diverse educational, professional and ethnic backgrounds and ages. It also integrates the Peace Corps\' traditional slogan, "the toughest job you\'ll ever love." In the coming months, the Peace Corps will produce additional recruiting materials, including a diversity brochure and a brochure for the Peace Corps\' graduate study program, Masters International.
The Peace Corps celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2001, commemorating four decades of outstanding service by American citizens in developing countries, with special events nationwide throughout the year. Since 1961, when President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order creating the Peace Corps, more than 161,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps.

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