Peace Corps Director Honors Host Country National for 33 Years of Service

Washington, D.C., December 5, 2003 - In September 2003, Director Gaddi H. Vasquez visited the Peace Corps office in Windhoek, Namibia, and presented Peace Corps Medical Officer Clara Donkor with a certificate to congratulate, commend, and thank her for her extensive service and dedication to the agency.

Over the past 33 years, Clara has worked with the Peace Corps medical staff in Ghana, Liberia, Chad, and her current post, Namibia. During that time she has become a legend among her colleagues and the volunteers who she has served.

Peace Corps Medical Officer Clara Donkor is honored for her 33 years of service to the Peace Corps. <br />
Peace Corps Medical Officer Clara Donkor is honored for her 33 years of service to the Peace Corps.
Born in Ghana, Clara traveled to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland to study nursing as a young adult. Upon returning to her home country, she met some Peace Corps volunteers and was captivated by their kindness and passion for their work. Soon after, she accepted a position with the Peace Corps medical staff in Ghana and has been tending to the health of volunteers ever since. From the mildest mosquito bite to the most serious health crisis, Clara brings her medical expertise, her gentle spirit, and her warm soul to every situation she encounters and every patient she treats.

Clara’s commitment to her volunteers is awe-inspiring. She has put herself into dangerous situations to support and treat volunteers. She has regularly made herself available around the clock to look after the physical, emotional, and mental needs of her patients. Clara has given her all to the health of her volunteers, and ultimately, she has saved lives. In the words of Associate Director of Volunteer Support, Steve Weinberg, “Clara Donkor truly loves her volunteers, and all of them love her back.”

Clara continues to look after volunteers with the same brand of medical wisdom and devoted compassion that has made her successful and beloved throughout her 33 years with the Peace Corps.

Clara Donkor is a very special human being, and the Peace Corps is proud and fortunate to have her as part of our organization.

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